Analog Devices Inc. introduces the Digital Up/Down Converters: VersaCOMM™ family of leading edge digital data communications products. Digital Up/Down Converters: VersaCOMM™ permit both 2G and 3G software radio implementations for multi-carrier and multi-mode digital receive and transmit architectures. Applications include macro, micro, and pico cellular basestation designs for processing of air standards such as IS136, GSM, EDGE, IS95, and UMTS. Other applications include wireless local loop, smart antennas, phased array antennas, and medical imaging and ultrasound applications.

  • VersaCOMM - Versatile Communications Digital Converters
  • High Performance RSP, TSP, and DDS Products
  • Lower Power and Cost than FPGA or DSP based solutions
  • Supports multi-carrier and multi-mode standards
  • Optimized to Work with Analog Devices' High Speed Converters

Our family of digital Receive Signal Processors (RSP), digital Transmit Signal Processors (TSP), and Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) products are part of Analog Devices' SoftCell transceiver chipset designed for compatibility with Analog Devices family of high speed IF sampling ADCs and DACs.

Digital Up/Down Converters: VersaCOMM™ (pdf, 94,957 bytes)

  • Providing the link between Analog Converters and the DSP
  • Digital Up/Down Converters: VersaCOMM™ Combines the Best Product Capabilities
  • Achieve Low Cost & Power without investing in a full custom ASIC
  • Overview
  • Introducing The Digital Up/Down Converters: VersaCOMM™ Product Family
  • Inside Digital Up/Down Converters: VersaCOMM™
  • Many Embedded Features for Digital Up/Down Conversion
  • Cellular Basestation Market Drivers
  • Radio Receiver Technology Trends
  • Reconfigurable Digital Converters
  • Common Product Features
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