Norwood, MA (02/20/2013) - Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) introduced today the AD5689R D/A converter. This16-bit dual nanoDAC+ continues the series of ADIs nanoDAC® products offering high performance in smaller packages. With relative accuracy of ±2-LSB INL, 2-ppm/°C 2.5-V reference, and space saving packages, this combination allows analog designers to address a wider range of applications without having to trade off performance for footprint. The series provides a straightforward pin compatible 10-bit to 16–bit upgrade/downgrade path for applications in a wide range of markets including communications infrastructure, industrial process control, healthcare and instrumentation.

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The AD5689R also includes useful pin functions such as VLOGIC facilitating 1.8-V, 3-V and 5-V logic levels and a GAIN pin enabling the output range to be doubled. The series has both SPI and I2C interface options.

AD5689R 16-bit nanoDAC+ Key Features:

  • ±2 LSB-INL max - suits open loop applications
  • 2-ppm/°C 2.5-V reference – saves board space and removes calibration requirements over temperature
  • Total Unadjusted Error 2-mV - eliminates need for initial calibration/adjustment
  • 3-mm × 3-mm 16-lead LFCSP and 16-lead TSSOP- for shrinking board/module sizes
  • 4-KV HBM ESD rating - provides system robustness

Pricing, Availability and Dual nanoDAC Options

Product Sample Availability/Full Production Resolution Integrated Reference Interface Price Each Per 1,000 Packaging
AD5689 NOW 16-bit No SPI $4.18 16-lead LFCSP, 16-lead TSSOP
AD5689R NOW 16-bit Yes SPI $4.48 16-lead LFCSP, 16-lead TSSOP
AD5697R NOW 12-bit Yes I2C $2.80 16-lead LFCSP, 16-lead TSSOP
AD5687R NOW 12-bit Yes SPI $2.80 16-lead LFCSP, 16-lead TSSOP
AD5687 NOW 12-bit No SPI $2.50 16-lead LFCSP, 16-lead TSSOP
AD5338R NOW 10-bit Yes I2C $1.96 16-lead LFCSP, 16-lead TSSOP
AD5313R NOW 10-bit Yes SPI $1.96 16-lead LFCSP, 16-lead TSSOP

The AD5689R can be designed into circuits for PLC, I/O cards applications with ADI’s AD5750-2 which is a single-channel, low cost, precision voltage/current output driver amplifier.

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