Multiplying DACs

Analog Devices have a comprehensive family of 8-/10-/12-/14-/16-bit multiplying digital-to-analog converters. As a result of manufacture on a CMOS submicron process, these DACs offer excellent 4-quadrant multiplication characteristics. By offering flexibility and simplicity, current output DAC products are an ideal building block in a broad range of both fixed input reference and varying input reference applications.

These parts can handle up to ±18 V inputs on the reference, despite operating from a single-supply power supply of up to 2.5 V to 5.5 V. An integrated feedback resistor (RFB) provides temperature tracking and full-scale voltage output when combined with an external current-to-voltage precision amplifier.

Featured Products
  • AD5543: 16-Bit Single Channel +/-1LSB INL & DNL, 7MHZ MBW Multiplying DAC
  • AD5544: 16-Bit Quad Channel +/-1LSB INL & DNL,12MHZ MBW, Multiplying DAC
  • AD5444: 12-Bit Single Channel, 12MHz MBW Multiplying DAC
  • AD5405: 12-Bit Dual Channel Multiplying DAC With Uncommitted Resistors
  • AD5439: 10-Bit Dual Channel Multiplying DAC
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Analog Multiplying DACs
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CN0026: Precision, Unipolar, Inverting Conversion Using the AD5547/AD5557 DAC

CN0151: Versatile High Precision Programmable Current Sources Using DACs, Op Amps, and MOSFET Transistors

CN0055: Programmable Gain Element Using the AD5450/AD5451/AD5452/AD5453 Current Output DAC Family

ADIsimDAC: Simulation DAC Design Tool

ADIsimPOWER: The fastest and most accurate DC-DC Power Management design tool!

ADIsimOpAmp: Amplifier Parametric Evaluation Tool

Voltage Reference Wizard: This tool helps find the best voltage reference for your application based on design parameters and estimate its output based on various error sources.

OpAmp Stability: OpAmp Stability Effects when Driving Capacitive Loads
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Technical Articles:
AN-1094 Application Note: Multiplying DACs—Fixed Reference, Waveform Generation Applications (pdf)
AN-1085 Application Note: Multiplying DACs—AC/Arbitrary Reference Applications (pdf)
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The Data Converter Handbook

Multiplying DACs: Flexible Building Blocks

Solution Bulletin:
Data Converter ICs

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