Analog Devices offers a comprehensive portfolio of monitor and control components, both discrete and integrated. This includes discrete multichannel ADCs, DACs, current sensors, and temperature sensors–offering maximum configuration flexibility. For those seeking the lower costs, space savings, and higher reliability that are benefits of an integrated solution, Analog Devices also has the answer, whether that be a dedicated application specific product or a product from ADI’s precision microcontroller range. For example, the wireless base station power amplifier (PA) board designer concerned with achieving the optimum trade-off between system linearity and efficiency can choose from our discrete or dedicated integrated solutions portfolio.

As demand for 3G and 4G base stations continues to grow, Analog Devices high performance monitor and control product portfolio offers the best choice for linearity and efficiency optimization–enabling our customers to differentiate their designs. Other applications that may benefit from these products include remote radio heads and optical transceivers and transponders.

Analog Dialogue
Analog Microcontroller Forms Heart of Low-Cost, High-Efficiency PA Monitor
Discrete- and Integrated Control of Power Amplifiers in Base-Station Applications

Circuit Notes:
CN0070: Precise Control of I/Q Modulator Output Power Using the ADL5386 Quadrature Modulator & the AD5621 12-Bit DAC
CN0082: Creating a Constant Envelope Signal Using the ADL5331 RFVGA and AD8319 Log Detector

Motor Control Typical Apps Diagram

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