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Extending the nanoDAC Family
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Analog Devices’ nanoDAC+TM Converters Expand Industry’s Best D/A Converter Performance in the Smallest Package

  Analog Devices nanoDAC® products are rail-to-rail, 3 V/5 V, low power, monotonic, voltage output precision DACs in small packages. By offering flexibility and simplicity, nanoDAC products can address a broad range of control and level-setting applications.

Building on the success of the nanoDAC brand, Analog Devices is now extending its digital-to-analog converter portfolio by launching the nanoDAC+™ series. These new industry-leading nanoDAC+ products combine higher dc performance, lower drift 2.5V reference, lower glitch energy, and a higher ESD rating, in even smaller packages, including 3mm x 3mm, 16-lead LFCSP.

With the launch of the AD568xR and AD569xR products, ADI has extended its precision DAC portfolio which started with the highly popular AD53xx and AD56xx rail-to-rail string DACs. Analog Devices now offers a complete series of nanoDAC products. Designers can select the exact nanoDAC required for the application, i.e. by resolution (12-,14-,or 16-bit), grade (A or B), interface (SPI or I2C), and package (LFCSP/QFN or TSSOP). This provides a straightforward pin-compatible upgrade/downgrade path for tailored solutions.


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