Product Details

YPBPR to RGB Video Converter

This circuit shows LT6552 amplifiers connected to convert component video (YPBPR) to RGB. This circuit maps the sync on Y to all three outputs, so if a separate sync connection is needed by the destination device (e.g. studio monitor), any of the R, G, or B channels may be simply looped-through the sync input (i.e. set ZIN for sync input to unterminated). This particular configuration takes advantage of the unique dual-differential inputs of the LT6552 to accomplish multiple arithmetic functions in each stage, thereby minimizing the amplifier count. This configuration also processes the wider bandwidth Y signal through just a single amplification level, maximizing the available performance. Here again, operation on low supply voltages is predicated on the absence of substantial input offset, and input coupling capacitors may be used if needed (220μF/6V types for example, polarized according to the input offset condition).