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Six Output DC/DC μModule Regulator From 3V to 72V Input

The LTM8008 is a 72VIN, μModule SEPIC converter with six post regulators. The SEPIC controller’s fixed frequency, current-mode architecture results in stable operation over a wide range of supply and output voltages and features soft-start and frequency foldback functions to limit inductor current during start-up and output short-circuit.

The LTM8008 also includes six high performance, fixed output LDOs for post-regulation: one 5V at 500mA, one 3.3V at 300mA, and four 5V at 150mA. The output of the SEPIC controller is internally set to 5.6V for optimal efficiency. In addition to providing these outputs, the SEPIC converter can supply up to an additional 500mA to the system load.

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