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Single Supply Video Line Driver (AC Coupled)

When AC-coupling video, the waveform dynamics change with respect to the bias point of the amplifier according to the scene brightness of the video stream. In the worst case, 1VP-P video (composite or Luminance + Sync in Y/C or YPBPR format) can exhibit a varying DC content of 0.56V, with the dynamic requirement being +0.735V/–0.825V about the nominal bias level. When this range is amplified by two to properly drive a back-terminated cable, the amplifier output must be able to swing 3.12VP-P, thus a 5V supply is generally required in such circuits, provided the amplifier output saturation voltages are sufficiently small. The LT1995 as a single-channel driver. All the gain-setting resistors are provided on-chip to minimize part count.

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