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Single 2.7V Supply 4MHz 4th Order Lowpass Butterworth Filter

Benefiting from low voltage operation and rail-to-rail output, a low power filter that is suitable for antialiasing can be built as shown in this circuit. On a 2.7V supply the filter has a passband of approximately 4MHz with 2VP-P input signal and a stopband attenuation that is greater than –75dB at 43MHz. The resistor and capacitor values can be scaled to reduce noise at the cost of large signal power consumption and distortion. The LTC6246/LTC6247/LTC6248 are single/dual/quad low power, high speed unity gain stable rail-to-rail input/output operational amplifiers. On only 1mA of supply current they feature an impressive 180MHz gain-bandwidth product, 90V/μs slew rate and a low 4.2nV/√Hz of input referred. noise.

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