Product Details

 Type K Thermocouple Signal Conditioner with ±350V Protection from Accidental Contact and Cold Junction Compensation

A high input impedance amplifier permits the use of large valued input resistors and retains signal accuracy. This is very useful for protecting both the amplifier and cold junction compensator in thermocouple applications as the sense element can often be inadvertently connected to destructive voltage potentials. The 1MΩ resistors protect the circuit up to ±350V with no phase reversal to amplifier output. The 1pA maximum IBIAS of the LTC6081 translates to a miniscule 0.05°C temperature error with the 1MΩ input protection resistor. The ±90μV offset over the entire operating temperature range ensures a less than 2°C temperature offset. The LTC6081 is a high performance dual op amps combining excellent noise, offset drift, CMRR, PSRR and input bias current specifications. They perform in a variety of topologies without compromising performance. LTC6081 is available in 8-lead MSOP and 10-lead DFN packages.