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Thermopile-Powered Battery Life Extender

Thermopile-Powered Battery Life Extender

The LTC3107 is a highly integrated DC/DC converter designed to extend the life of a primary battery in low power wireless systems by harvesting and managing surplus energy from extremely low input voltage sources such as TEGs (Thermoelectric Generators) and thermopiles. The step-up topology operates from input voltages as low as 20mV. Using a small step-up transformer, the LTC3107 provides a complete power management solution for typical wireless sensor applications that operate from a primary battery. The 2.2V LDO can be used to power an external microprocessor, while the main output voltage automatically adapts to match the voltage of the primary battery. The LTC3107 seamlessly transitions from battery power to harvested power whenever harvested energy is available, extending the life of the battery. The BAT_OFF indicator can be used to track battery usage. An optional storage capacitor accumulates excess harvested energy, further extending battery life.

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