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–5V Step-Up/Step-Down Converter


The LT3483/LT3483A are micropower inverting DC/DC converters with integrated Schottky and one resistor feedback. The small package size, high level of integration and use of tiny surface mount components yield a solution size as small as 40mm2. The devices feature a quiescent current of only 40μA at no load, which further reduces to 0.1μA in shutdown. A current limited, fixed off-time control scheme conserves operating current, resulting in high efficiency over a broad range of load current. A precisely trimmed 10μA feedback current enables one resistor feedback and virtually eliminates feedback loading of the output. The 40V switch enables voltage outputs up to –38V to be generated without the use of costly transformers. The LT3483/LT3483A’s low 300ns off-time permits the use of tiny low profile inductors and capacitors to minimize footprint and cost in space-conscious portable applications.

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