Product Details

This circuit combines the LT1997-3 with a high speed amplifier to convert a single-ended signal to differential with a common-mode offset. Extra compensation capacitors C1 and C2 help to shape the final response. Taking higher gain from the LT1997-3 will eliminate the need for these capacitors.


Conversion of Single Ended Pulse To Differential Output.



The LT1997-3 combines a precision operational amplifier with highly-matched resistors to form a one-chip solution for accurately amplifying voltages. Gains from –13 to +14 with accuracy of 0.006% (60ppm) can be achieved using no external components. The LT1997-3 is particularly well suited for use as a difference amplifier, where the excellent resistor matching results in a common mode rejection ratio of greater than 91dB.

The LT® 1354 is a low power, high speed, high slew rate operational amplifier with outstanding AC and DC performance. The LT1354 has much lower supply current, lower input offset voltage, lower input bias current, and higher DC gain than devices with comparable bandwidth.

Tools & Simulations


LTspice® is a powerful, fast and free simulation software, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for improving the simulation of analog circuits.

To launch ready-to-run LTspice demonstration circuits for this part:

Step 1: Download and install LTspice on your computer.

Step 2: Click on the link in the section below to download a demonstration circuit.

Step 3: If LTspice does not automatically open after clicking the link below, you can instead run the simulation by right clicking on the link and selecting “Save Target As.” After saving the file to your computer, start LTspice and open the demonstration circuit by selecting ‘Open’ from the ‘File’ menu.