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Low Noise Hydrophone Amplifier with DC Servo

These op amps are best used with very high impedance transducers. The low noise hydrophone amplifier in this figure is an application where the LT1792 excels. The AC current output of the hydrophone is converted to a voltage output by the 100M input resistor (R8). This signal is amplified by the R3/R2 ratio. DC leakage currents at the output of the hydrophone are subtracted by the servo action of the feedback amplifier. This amplifier need not have the low voltage noise of the LT1792; therefore, it can be chosen to minimize the overall system supply current. The LT1464 has less than an order of magnitude of supply current of the LT1792 and LT1793 and picoampere input bias current. This allows the time constant of this loop to be set using high value resistors and less expensive low value capacitors.

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