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Complete Type K Thermocouple Measurement System (SPI) with Cold Junction Compensation


The LTC2484 is ideal for direct digitization of thermocouples and other low voltage output sensors. The input has a typical offset error of 500nV (2.5μV max) offset drift of 10nV/°C and a noise level of 600nVRMS. The only signal conditioning is a simple surge protection network. In any thermocouple meter, the cold junction temperature sensor must be at the same temperature as the junction between the thermocouple materials and the copper printed circuit board traces. The tiny LTC2484 can be tucked neatly underneath an Omega MPJ-K-F thermocouple socket ensuring close thermal coupling. The complete microcontroller code for this application is available on the LTC2484 product Web page. It can be used as a template for may different instruments and it illustrates how to generate calibration coefficients for the onboard temperature sensor.

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