WMA10 Pro Decoder, Blackfin

The Windows Media Audio (WMA10) Professional Decoder library for the Blackfin processor implements support for handling of WMA10 decoding and is certified by Microsoft.
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  • Transport Stream: Advanced Streaming Format (ASF)
  • ASF tags: Support ASF tag field extraction via separate ASF parser including Title, Artist, Genre and album fields; automatic ASF tag truncation based on user defined memory allocation & limits.
  • Extended Test Vector Testing: Compliant with Microsoft test vector set and additional test vectors with unusual content.
  • Output Status: Sample rate, average & maximum bit rates etc.
  • Fast Forward / Rewind: Supported via ASF parser. Decoder API provides all the necessary support for implementing the seek operation.
  • Error Codes: Reports up to 14 unique high level error codes, such as invalid, or non-supported, streams.
  • Microsoft® Certification for WMA Pro Decode M0B QL1 implementation for the BlackFin ADSP-BF533 / ADSP-BF527Support for Low Bit Rate(LBR) V1 V2 and V3 stream decoding with full Microsoft compliance.
  • Support for decoding multichannel streams.
  • Support for Down-mixing with configurable Down-mixing matrix.
  • Conformance Standard: Fully compliant to Microsoft conformance specifications. Revision M, Microsoft corporation, June 1, 2008.
  • Reference Code Revision: 11.5.6000.6428
  • Certification: WMA Pro Decode M0B QL1 implementation for the BlackFin ADSP-BF533 / ADSP-BF527 by Microsoft®
  • Framework dependencies: None
  • Release format: Object code module with C interface.
  • Input format: Compliant with WMA10.0 standard audio bit streams encapsulated in ASF.
  • Output format: Supports up to two channels Interleaved/non-interleaved (configurable) 32-bit PCM.
  • Output buffer samples per block: Variable depending on sampling frequency. Maximum output size is 3008 32-bit PCM samples per channel.

Product Details

Windows Media Audio professional (WMA10 Pro) decoder is an enhancement to the Windows Media Audio (WMA) standard decoder. It uses the waveform coding concepts of subband/transform coding, quantization, and variable length coding to achieve its compression. To meet higher quality requirements at lower bit rates WMA10 Pro technology employs          additional tools like multi channel transformation, LBR etc.WMA10 Pro Decoder adds support for higher sampling rates (96 kHz) and supports 20 and 24 bit audio samples, which is not supported by WMA standard decoder.


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Each module supports the Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) Blackfin or SHARC Processor family and is a licensed product that is available in object code format. Recipients must sign or accept a license agreement with ADI prior to being shipped or downloading the modules identified in the license agreement.

Performance Metrics

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MIPS summary:

 Code RAM (KiB)
 Data RAM (KiB)
 Constant Data Tables (KiB)
 MIPS Average

  • MIPS measured using Microsoft test vectors at a constant bit rate of 128kpbs, 48kHz sampling rate, optimal memory layout, worst case test vector, running on a ADSP-BF533.
  • Code compatible across all ADSP-BF5xx processors, with silicon anomaly workarounds implemented based on ADSP-BF533 Silicon Revision 0.3 and later.
  • "Data RAM" for one instance, includes Stack, Scratch, Minimum Input and Output Single Buffers.
  • 1 KiB = 1024 Bytes.

Systems Requirements

  • Windows XP Professional SP3 (32-bit only).
  • Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate SP2 (32-bit only). It is recommended to install the software in a non-UAC-protected location.
  • Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate (32 and 64-bit). It is recommended to install the software in a non-UAC-protected location.
  • Minimum of 2 GHz single core processor, 3.3 GHz dual core is recommended.
  • Minimum of 1 GB memory (RAM), 4 GB is recommended.
  • Minimum of 2 GB hard disk (HDD) space is required.