This is a system solution for DAB/DAB+/DMB receivers -- including essential software modules such as MPEG2 TS demuxer, HE-AAC decoder, H.264 decoder, MP2 decoder, JPEG decoder, PNG decoder, and high-quality GUI -- which all execute on a single Blackfin processor. LCD, remote control, and keypad are supported along with control of the DAB/DAB+/DMB front-end tuner by Blackfin. With the complete TCP/IP stack and various popular audio decoders (MP3, WMA, Real, and AAC) running on the Blackfin processor, Internet radio (for example, vTuner and SHOUTcast™) along with a host of Internet music services (such as Rhapsody®) are supported as well.

Along with this functionality, Blackfin processor also executes Factum’s middleware to bring DLS (Dynamic Label Segment), SLS (Slideshow), and EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) data services together with audio, image, and video decoding capabilities for the next generation of handheld mobile receivers and kitchen radios with displays or screens.

DAB/DAB+/T-DMBA RadioFeatures

DAB/DAB+/ DAMA receiver
Middleware (SLS, DLS, EPG) supported
TPEG (Transport Protocol Experts Group),BWS (Broadcast Website) Journaline® and Intellitext to be supported


Desktop, Kitchen and Clock Radios
Mini and Micro Systems
HiFi Systems
TVs with digital radios

Processors Supported

BF53x, BF52x, BF51x, BF56x

Complementary ADI Components



Blackfin VisualDSP++

Operating Systems


Third Party Support

Effnet Holding AB
Factum Electronics AB


Factum Electronics AB