LQFP w/heat sink

Low Profile Quad Flat Package with heatsink, body thickness 1.4mm

The footprints created for each individual package should be used as a reference only. Since these footprints are not part specific you will have to adjust the dimension to best fit your requirements.

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Package Outline Material Information
100 ld LQFP-ED(9.65) (sq-100-2) pdf  
144 ld LQFP (INT_HS 13.21mm) (sq-144-3) pdf pdf
176 ld LQFP-EP (24X24 w/18.03 dia ep on top) (sq-176-1) pdf  
176 ld LQFP-EP (24X24 w/5.8 ep) (sq-176-2) pdf  
52 ld LQFP (10x10x1.4mm W/(5.9mm Heatsink) (sq-52-1) pdf pdf
52 ld LQFP (14x14x1.4mm W/9.65mm heatsink) (sq-52-2) pdf  
80 ld LQFP with Thermal Slug (sq-80-2) pdf pdf
100 Ld LQFP(14x14 w_6mm_heatsink) (sw-100-2) pdf pdf
120 ld LQFP 14x01 (w/dual heat sink) (sw-120-2) pdf  
120 ld LQFP 14x14 (w/5.4x7.675ep) (sw-120-3) pdf  
144 ld LQFP-EP (20X20mm w/8.8mm Exposed Pad) (sw-144-1) pdf pdf
176 Ld LQFP(24x24 w_7.8 mm_heatsink) (sw-176-1) pdf  
176 Ld LQFP(24x24 w/6mm heatsink) (sw-176-2) pdf PDF
208 Ld LQFP(28x28 w_8.9mm_heatsink) (sw-208-1) pdf pdf
208 Ld LQFP(28x28 w_7mm_heatsink) (sw-208-2) pdf pdf
64 Ld LQFP(10x10 w_5mm_heatsink) (sw-64-2) pdf pdf