AD849x Thermocouple Nonlinearity Error Calculator

The AD849x family of thermocouple amplifiers provide a simple yet accurate solution to process thermocouple temperature measurements. They provide a 5mV/°C voltage output proportional to the thermocouple measured temperature. No external cold junction compensation is necessary because it is integrated into the AD849x.

Due to the nonlinear nature of the Seebeck effect, the output of the AD849x may deviate slightly from the desired linear 5mV/°C response. This nonlinearity error is dependent on the ambient (cold junction) temperature, measurement (hot junction) temperature, and thermocouple type.

Use this tool to calculate error due to thermocouple nonlinearity, including the cold junction error, when using the AD849x in your specific operating conditions. For more information on correcting for thermocouple nonlinearity when using the AD849x, please refer to AN-1087.

Input Parameters
°C ( -200°C to 1200°C )
°C ( -40°C to 125°C )
Calculated Results
Part Number AD8494 (Type-J) AD8495 (Type-K) AD8496 (Type-J) AD8497 (Type-K)
Ideal Output Voltage ___ ___ ___ ___
Actual Output Voltage ___ ___ ___ ___
Error in Degrees* ___ ___ ___ ___
Percent Error ___ ___ ___ ___
* Does not include initial accuracy error or gain error.