Third Party Tools for Data Converter System Level Simulation

Once a device has been selected, one of the tools listed below may be used to perform a system level simulation. Because the same model files are used throughout the process, from web application through 3rd party simulation, consistent results are achieved and the flow is seamless from part selection through final design verification. Other 3rd party tools are in development and will be available in the future.

Agilent Technologies
at-logoADISimADC is fully integrated with Agilent's SystemVue platform supporting ADC performance characterization with modern commercial wireless standards like 3GPP LTE, WiMAX, DVB-S2/T2 or advanced military software defined (SDR) radio systems. ADISimADC is also compatible with Agilent Technologies' Advanced Design System (ADS). Agilent's ADS enables Analog Devices ADCs to be interfaced directory to circuit level IF/RF for the industry's most accurate mixed signal modeling of high frequency systems.

  • Go to Agilent website for more information about SystemVue or ADS
  • Contact Agilent to download models for Agilent ADS
  • Download Agilent Technologies support (3/2009) (zip)
Applied Wave Research
awr-logoVisual System Simulator (VSS) from Applied Wave Research, Inc. (AWR).
C/C++ Resource
ccpluse-logoDownload C/C Support (3/2006) (zip)


National Instruments
National InstrumentsADIsimADC plug-in for National Instruments SignalExpress interactive measurement software. By using ADIsimADC with NI SignalExpress, you can apply custom inputs to the models and perform interactive signal chain analysis on a large selection of ADI's ADCs. You can also seamlessly transition between simulating and physically evaluating your component signal chain to verify real-world performance against simulation results. For more information about the ADIsimADC plug-in step for NI SignalExpress, contact National Instruments.

The MathWorks
Math WorksADIsimADC may be used with Matlab on a PC platform. Instructions and the appropriate device driver files need to be downloaded.