ADISUSB Evaluation System
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Product Details

The ADISUSB is not longer available for sale. The EVAL-ADIS2 provides a more advanced version of this function, but with some difference in product coverage.

The ADISUSB system provides a simple, PC-based tool, for evaluating iSensor products, for those who are not ready to integrate them into embedded processor systems. This system supports application software that enable basic demonstration, individual register access and data capture for each supported device. Each application software package comes with an installation wizard, which facilitates simple installation and also includes a simple USB-driver package that is easy to use. All software packages associated with the ADISUSB are compatible with the 32-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista and 7. The ADISUSB circuit board is 0.125” thick, which enables pre-drilled, pre-tapped mounting holes for each iSensor device. The mounting holes accommodate M2x0.4mm machine screws. The integrated power system eliminates the need for external power supplies in most cases, but does provide for an external power supply input, for supply-sensitivity testing. The power system uses the USB’s +5V and provides a linear regulator option for +3.3V devices.

System Requirements

  • * Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32-bit only)

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