EVAL-ADICUP360 Development Platform

The EVAL-ADICUP360 is an Arduino compatible platform based on the ADuCM360 ARM Cortex-M3 Analog Microcontroller. The processor has several important features such as:

  • Dual integrated 3.9 kSPS, 24-bit sigma delta (∑-∆) analog-to-digital converters
  • Up to 12 multiplexed analog input channels
  • I2C, UART, GPIO, PWM, and Dual SPI I/O available
  • Low power consumption (4µA hibernation mode, 290µa normal mode)

The platform is hardware compatible with both Arduino and PMOD form factors. A free Eclipse based development environment is provided for code development and debugging. The EVAL-ADICUP360 platform is accompanied by a set of hardware modules and software example projects provided by Analog Devices, but can also work with other 3rd party Arduino shields.

A Brand New Ecosystem

Our new development platform features integrated and comprehensive tools, software, and hardware.

Prototyping - Use Hardware modules and software examples together or create your own to develop your final system

Open Source - Based on free, open-source software including Eclipse, GNU Toolchain(GCC/GDB), GNU ARM Eclipse Plugin, and others. The ADuCM360 IDE offers designers an easy to use development tool with no code-size limitations.

Integration - Explore the intersection of precision analog signal conditioning and embedded digital programming.

Getting Started

  1. Download and install software
  2. Import example projects
  3. Run a debug session
  4. Create your own applications
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Getting Started with the ADICUP360

Learn all the necessary pieces to creating a successful design using the ADICUP360. Unpack the kit, learn the hardware features and function of the ADICUP360, import a software example and create a debug/run session using the IDE.

Add On Boards

ADuCM360 Eclipse IDE

Customized IDE

  • Eclipse based (open source)
  • ADI plug-in
  • ADuCM360 specific
  • Open Source Tool Chain

  • GNU ARM Tools
  • OpenOCD
  • Example Projects

  • C/C++ Code examples
  • Software projects for shields and PMODs
  • ADuCM360 Libraries
  • Eclipse-IDE


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