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  • How to Read a Datasheet
    What is in a datasheet, and how can the information it contains help you select the right part for your design? This wide-ranging and informative webcast will take you through a typical datasheet and explain the full meaning behind many often misunderstood specs.
  • Fundamentals of Designing with Analog to Digital Converters
    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: an update to The Fundamentals of the Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) webcast, including basic ADC architectures, understanding ADC errors, how to read an ADC data sheet, and how to choose the right ADC. Includes the latest on ADC products and technology.
  • Demystifying the JESD204B High-speed Data Converter-to-FPGA interface
    This webcast will provide an overview of the JESD204 standard from its original version up to the current "B" revision. In addition, common "high-performance metrics" that are associated with high speed serial interfaces such as JESD204 will be described. Topics covered in this webcast will also be useful for applications that use similar high speed serial interfaces.
  • Webcast: Understanding Data Converter Errors and Specifications
    In this Webcast, ADI systems applications expert Chris Hyde will conduct a rapid review of the most common sources of errors in a data converter and how to interpret specs on the data sheet.
  • Design Considerations in Specifying Data Converters for High Speed Applications
    This Webcast will cover important design considerations for understanding, selecting, and applying high speed A/D converters and D/A converters.
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