Video Surveillance Camera Front-end Solution Based on ADDI9020 and ICX692AQA

CCD image sensors in today’s video surveillance cameras require a dedicated driver chip to drive the CCD and an analog front-end to condition the CCD output signal.

ADDI9020* is a highly integrated CCD signal processor,
• Fully featured analog front-end circuit, including black level clamping, variable gain CDS and 12bit ADC.
• Programmable timing generator to provide all necessary clocks for the CCD, (RG, H clocks (5), V clocks (12)), sensor gate pulses, base clock and substrate bias control.
• 60MHz ADC.
• GPIOs (7) for system function.

*The ADDI9020 full manual can only be obtained with a signed NDA. Please contact your local ADI distributor or send us an e-mail at

This reference design is a complete analog front-end solution based on the ADDI9020 and latest CCD sensor ICX692AQA from Sony. The solution support up to 1280(H) x 720(V) @30Frame/s video format.

For more detailed information, please contact ADI customer interaction center.

ADDI9020 and ICX692AQA on PCB
Technical documents and software download
1. User Guide
2. Parameter configurations files
3. Front-end schematics and PCB layout
Hardware   Software
•  This analog front-end solution includes stand alone ICX692AQA sensor board and ADDI9020 evaluation board.
•  The FPGA communicates with the PC-side video analysis software through the USB controller.
•  The FPGA platform is connected to the AD9889B daughter board underneath for 720p HDMI support.
  •  Provides fully-automated program functions.
•  The FPGA platform can communicate with the PC through USB.
•  Provides single and multi-step system control for the virtual frontend.
•  Provides image acquisition and simple image adjustment functions.
•  Flexible configuration of options, supporting saving and uploading of configuration files.

This software is only based on the ADI developed FPGA platform. For further questions, please contact ADI customer interaction center, you can e-mail us at
ADI reference design
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Compilation of ref design ADI reference design

* Disclaimer: This reference design is provided for reference only. This reference design is provided to ADI clients to assist in the design and development process. ADI reserves the right to modify the provided reference design at any time without prior notice. The client shall be responsible for their own designs based on or adapted from the reference design. Please carefully read through the ADI provided information before referencing or using this reference design. ADI shall not be responsible for the risks associated with referencing or using the reference design.
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