With focus on ease-of-use development and reducing time-to-market, Analog Devices' partner network offers model based solutions supporting evaluation of different motor- and power control designs. Tools like MATLAB®, along with the optimal mix of sensing, processor and power technologies integrated on these platforms, enable highest flexibility and evaluation for the most efficient and precise end solutions.

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Preferred Partners and Solutions

    Complete Hardware and Software Platforms
    FlexMC Kit from Boston Engineering
    Based on ADI’s powerful Blackfin® processor, and the flexible MATLAB® modeling environment, this rapid development system enables a complete design from modeling to production.

    Servo and Communication Platform from Danville Signal
    Based on ADI’s SHARC® processor and ADCs, Xilinx FPGAs, and specialized design software, this reference design incorporates industrial communications capabilities for easy evaluation of sophisticated servo systems.

    Circuits from the LabCircuits from the Lab™
    Reference Circuits
    Subsystem-level building blocks are engineered and tested for quick and easy system integration. Design files, device drivers, and evaluation hardware are available.

    View reference circuits for Motor & Power Control.

Explore Motor and Power Control Applications

  • Application Specific Motor Control
  • Typical application specific motor control solutions are based on simple microcontrollers - controlling the DC or AC motor with a simple speed reference or just open loop. In these types of controller systems Analog Devices' mixed signal integration offers complete solutions directly applicable from simple software and hardware implementation.

  • Drives
  • Drive systems offer the advantage of closing the loop to perform better control of torque currents and in some cases position. This higher performance is required in certain applications and these designs are optimized on power flow, along with efficiency.

  • Servos & Robotics
  • Servo solutions are associated with attaining the highest performance and accuracy of a moving system. In most cases the end solution is a CNC or robot system that operates with high precision and where control of absolute position, along with best torque alignment, is required. Analog Devices' offers a complete solution covering all key components in the signal chain.

  • Power
  • Application specific power control solutions achieve more combined value on the power module as it relates to control. With smart IPM, inverters offer integrated solutions that can be used directly in conjunction with ADCs, isolators and interface devices.
    UPS systems, or advanced power supplies, represent conversions from AC to DC and DC to AC. Typical UPS systems are utilized to minimize the impact of blackouts and to strengthen the quality of the supplied power/voltage.

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