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Design Conference 2013

Design Conference 2013

Analog Devices, in partnership with Xilinx and MathWorks, presents a series of free one-day technical training events that bring together leading industry experts to introduce complete signal chain and system-ready solutions for complex design challenges.

Conference highlights include:

  • Technical sessions running throughout the day, delivered by the experts
  • Live demo exhibition of ADI, partner, and sponsor technology solutions
  • Collaboration on complex ecosystems involving analog, FPGAs/embedded processing and software modeling tools

Coming again in 2015!

Thank you to all who attended these events, making it a huge success for ADI and our partners. The Design Conference will be back in the spring of 2015, with all-new sessions and demos, led by the experts. Stay tuned ...

Technical Sessions

Here is a sampling of topics. Please choose a location to see what's available
in your city.

Advanced Techniques of Higher Performance Signal Processing

Reference Designs & System Applications

Technical Sessions:  View Details

Online Forum:

Engineer Zone

Stay up-to-date in the Design Conference forum hosted on our EngineerZone® support community.


Anglia Amtek Avnet Farnell NISKO Phoenix Semitron Silica Sponsors



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North America
Greater Boston, MA: April 25, 2013
Santa Clara, CA: April 30, 2013
Dallas, TX: September 19, 2013
Chicago, IL: October 3, 2013
Toronto, ON: October 29, 2013
Philadelphia, PA: October 30, 2013
Phoenix, AZ: November 6, 2013
Irvine, CA: December 4, 2013
San Diego, CA: December 5, 2013

Beijing: May 22, 2013
Shenzhen: May 24, 2013

Madrid, Spain: February 6, 2014

Munich, Germany: June 18, 2013
Frankfurt, Germany: June 20, 2013

Horsens, Denmark: September 17, 2013
Stockholm, Sweden: September 19, 2013
Paris, Orly, France: October 8, 2013
Milan, Italy: October 10, 2013
Manchester, UK: October 29, 2013
Oxford, UK: October 31, 2013
Stuttgart, Germany: November 5, 2013
Cologne, Germany: November 6, 2013
Berlin, Germany: November 7, 2013
Eindhoven, Netherlands: November 12, 2013
Prague, Czech Rep: November 14, 2013
Tel-Aviv, Israel: December 9, 2013


Watch the video to see what you can expect at the Design Conference.

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