Signal Chain Designer is an advanced product selection & recommendation toolset. It brings together a powerful search engine, verified product commendations, tested application circuits, integrated Analog Filter Wizard and Photodiode Wizard, and connects to other Analog Devices engineering tools to provide an easy-to-use, one-stop circuit builder for design engineers.

What you can expect from Signal Chain Designer Beta:

  • Quickly search and confidently select components to build customized signal chains
  • Access over 200 tested application circuits and verified product combinations
  • Use integrated design tools to further optimize signal chain components
  • Download complete design package including custom BOM, documentation, schematics, and Gerber files.
  • Easily share your designs and order parts or evaluation boards
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What is Signal Chain Designer?

Watch a tutorial: "Designing a Smoke Detector with Signal Chain Designer" and other how-do videos for Signal Chain Designer.

Getting started with a project

Build an application signal chain with selected components.

Getting started with a reference design

Start with a Circuits from the Lab® reference design and customize it for your application

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