ADI has married its latest technological advances with its in-depth knowledge of the demands posed by harsh industrial environments to develop a portfolio of leading industrial converters which address the challenge of enhancing system accuracy, reliability and overall functionality while reducing form factor and power dissipation. Whether you are developing a PLC, DCS, Smart transmitter or Temperature Controller, ADI has a tailored solution to enable the development of feature rich, robust, high performance analog output solutions.
  • Intelligently integrated digital to analog converts with voltage and current drivers, ADIs portfolio of industrial converters provide a range of user programmable output ranges from standard 4-20mA for current loop communication to ±10V for actuator control.
  • Housed in compact packages, these products simplify industrial system design by offering high levels of control functionality with advanced on-chip diagnostics to maximize system up time.
  • Offering industry leading temperature drift specification, ADI's portfolio of industrial converters eliminates the need for multiple costly calibration routines typically required by traditional discrete architectures.
  • Cognizant of the prominent need to reduce system power consumption and thermal heating effects, ADI has also incorporated power management technology on-chip, to optimize power budgets and facilitate increases in system nodes.
With solutions tailored to address the needs of both loop and non-loop powered transmitters, isolated and non-isolated analog I/O cards ADI has an Industrial DAC to cater for your exact needs.


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Circuit from the lab Circuits from the Lab™ reference circuits are engineered and tested for quick and easy system integration.
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