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Process Automation: Flow Meter System # 1
The core of this closed looped system measures liquid flow using electromagnetic sensing techniques. A smart actuator controls the flow rate linearly via a standard 4-20mA communications link. System temperature and pressure components are also measured and recorded. Hart FSK communication is used to provide system diagnostics from various components within the system. The entire system can be monitored and controlled from a main graphical user interface (GUI) terminal
located nearby in the booth.

Industrial: Industrial Communications using ezLINX™ # 2
The ezLINX™ iCoupler® Isolated Interface Development Environment is used to implement an isolated Industrial CAN network that monitors and controls multiple Industrial demonstrations. Communications are monitored through the isolated CAN network from the flowmeter demonstration and motor control demonstration while the robot arm demonstration is controlled and monitored. The easy to use ezLINX open source platform is used to demonstrate how design time can be reduced in implementing isolated Industrial networks.

Energy Metering: Residential Utility Meter # 3
This new 3-phase Integrated isoPower® Technology from ADI for 3-phase meters will help manufacturers deliver a more reliable and more accurate metering solution to millions of consumers around the world. This technology demonstration represents ADI's first metrology ADC with integrated data and power isolation to target residential 3-phase utility meters. Moving from dc-tolerant current transformers to resistive shunts reduce cost and provides system-level advantages.

Building Technologies: Wireless Sensor Network # 4
The Home Automation/Intelligent Building System demonstration will utilize a complete Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) which consists of a main control unit connected to a series of sensor nodes. These sensors monitor a range of environmental conditions in the building that control climate, lighting, energy use and security. Examples include temperature, movement, humidity, proximity, energy metering and light levels. The system is flexible in that sensors can be connected in any combination to any of the sensor nodes.

Instrumentation: Spectrophotometer # 5
This small but intriguing demonstration utilizes the Raman Spectrophotometer device manufactured by Wasatch Photonics. This device is able to identify an array of substances (liquid, solid, gas) by emitting a red laser into a desired substance and quickly and accurately measuring the amplitude of the light reflected back at different wavelengths. The results of the scan will be displayed on the adjacent monitor using a LabVIEW display environment.

Instrumentation: Spectrum Analyzer # 6
This hand-held portable spectrum analyzer, from a German OEM (Aaronia), utilizes over twelve discrete components from ADI ranging from world-class data converters and amplifiers to industry-leading RFICs. This device will be used to locate and identify a number of RF sources in and around the ADI stand, including the ADI wireless network, cell phones, etc.

Motor and Power Control: Integrated Development Platform # 7
The demonstration shows synchronized motion of two electric motors driven by one of ADI's motor control development platforms connected to a common master controller by a Fieldbus network. This illustrates ADI's complete signal chain offering in motor control including power management, converters, interface, processors and communications. It also highlights our work with HMS as a communication partner and Boston Engineering as a motor control development platform partner.



Healthcare: Vital Sign Measurement for Diagnostic and Portable Monitor-Quality Systems # 8
The range of vital sign measurement applications is expanding beyond the hospital as more emphasis is placed on home healthcare and personal health management. ADI will demonstrate the ADAS1000 5-lead ECG analog front end (AFE) for diagnostic-level patient monitoring systems as well as a low power vital sign measurement platform that incorporates the AD8232 heart rate monitoring IC, ADXL362 motion sensor, and low energy Bluetooth interface for body worn home healthcare and fitness applications.

Healthcare: Photocurrent Measurement for Imaging Systems and Medical Diagnostics # 9
Highly accurate photo diode current measurement is a basic requirement for many high performance medical imaging and diagnostic systems such as CT scanners and x-ray equipment. In addition, dosimetry tools that help calibrate radiation systems for the precise placement and dosage levels given to patients undergoing treatment use photodiodes. In-vitro lab equipment also uses photodiodes to measure color discrimination during chemical reactions.

ADI's current-to-digital converter technology changes photodiode array signals into digital signals, replacing previous converter-based technology that offered low levels of channel integration. The ADAS112x current-to-digital converter technology single-chip solutions convert up to 128 photodiode currents into a single LVDS data stream and offer low noise, low power consumption and full programmability.



Automotive: Infotainment and Connectivity Networking # 10
This demonstration will feature a multi-zone infotainment system that enables smart phone integration and in-car distribution of high-definition content using APIX (Automotive Pixel Link) technology. Among the APIX capabilities showcased will be: video conferencing, touch surfaces in remote displays via standard Ethernet protocols, and the integration of real-time UI and applications using HDMI connectivity to smart phones.

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