Analog Devices is pleased to offer Universities and students access to discounted and free DSP and processor development tools for academic purposes. Our offerings include evaluation kits (EZ-Kits), development environments(VDSP++ & CrossCore® Embedded Studio), emulators and Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) and software modules.

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For further inquiries or questions, please contact us at processor.university@analog.com

Discounted Parts List

The table below contains the products available for purchase along with discounted pricing for student and Universities. Select a quantity for each tool you wish to purchase and a total will be calculated. By completing this form, you agree to use the products in noncommercial applications only. Use outside of university research and education is prohibited.

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Analog Devices is offering students and Universities free use of our new CrossCore® Embedded Studio integrated development environment and the Micrium μC/OS-III™ Real-Time Kernel for CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES). Please submit your request below.

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