Analog Devices is a leading provider of bipolar DAC solutions offering industry leading 1ppm performance and optimized feature-sets to ensure quick and easy deployment of bipolar converters across a range of end applications.
  • Bipolar DACs are used in multiple end systems to realize functions like sensor excitation, offset & gain adjustment, trigger generation or DC set point control, to name but a few.
  • Generating bipolar output signals by combining complex analog circuitry with a range of discrete components often proves a time consuming challenge with unpredictable accuracy and performance. This challenge is averted by selecting one of ADI's complete bipolar DACs with universal analog outputs.
  • These products internally generate the bipolar outputs required, thereby eliminating a host of external circuitry and a multitude of complex design activity.
ADI offers a market leading portfolio of bipolar DACs fabricated using ADI proprietary iCMOS® process technology which has enabled the development of high performance ICs at high voltage levels while simultaneously reducing package size and power consumption. ADI's comprehensive portfolio of bipolar DACs brings together the many benefits of integration which are essential to reducing design time and system complexity while consistently retaining high performance levels.


New Products
Circuit from the lab Circuits from the Lab™ reference circuits are engineered and tested for quick and easy system integration.
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Engineer Zone

Video: AD5791: 1 PPM DAC, the Industry's First True 20-Bit DAC


Video: AD5780 System Ready, 18-Bit, Ultra Low Noise DAC

Featured Circuits From the Lab:

  • CN0006: High Accuracy, Bipolar Voltage Output Digital-to-Analog Conversion Using the AD5764 DAC
  • CN0086: Software Configurable 16-Bit Quad Channel Unipolar/Bipolar Voltage Output Using the AD5754 DAC
  • CN0191: 20-Bit, Linear, Low Noise, Precision, Bipolar ±10V DC Voltage Source Using AD5791
  • CN0257: 20-Bit, Linear, Low Noise, Precision, Unipolar +10 V DC Voltage Source Using AD5790
  • CN0200: 18-Bit, Linear, Low Noise, Precision Bipolar ±10 V DC Voltage Source Using AD5780
  • CN0177: 18-Bit, Linear, Low Noise, Precision Bipolar ±10 V DC Voltage Source


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