Clock Distributon IC

Expanding Family of Integrated Clock ICs

...providing clean clock generation and distribution with
sub-picosecond jitter performance

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Family Features

AD9513, AD9514, AD9515

  • Pin-programmable divides, phase, delay; no serial port required
  • Clock inputs/LVPECL outputs up to 1.6 GHz
  • Supports LVPECL/LVDS/CMOS outputs
  • Ultra-low jitter performance (additive jitter <300 femtoseconds rms)
  • Excellent output isolation
  • Small 32 LFCSP package

AD9510, AD9511, AD9512

  • Low-phase-noise Clock Outputs with Sub-Picosecond Jitter optimized for clocking ADCs, DACs, digital up/down converters, DDSs, MxFEs, ASICs
  • Programmable Dividers, Phase Offsets, Delay Blocks
  • Integrated PLL Frequency Synthesizer Core


Clock Distribution:

  • Low jitter, low phase noise clock distribution
  • Clocking high speed ADCs, DACs, DDS, DDC, DUC, MxFEs
  • High performance wireless infrastructure transceivers
  • High performance instrumentation
  • Broadband infrastructure
  • Automated test equipment

Clock Generation:

  • Clocking high performance data converters
  • Base station clocking applications
  • Network (SONET/SDH) clocking
  • Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) clocking
  • Instrumentation clocking circuits

Part No. Output Clocks (MHz) # Outputs and Logic Family Wideband Random Jitter (rms fs) Description
CLOCK DISTRIBUTION - Programmable Dividers (1-32), Phase Offset, Adjustable Delay Blocks
AD9510 1200/800/250 4 LVPECL
250 Additive 1.6GHz PLL, 8-channel clock distribution
AD9511 1200/800/250 3 LVPECL
250 Additive 1.6GHz PLL, 5-channel clock distribution
AD9512 1200/800/250 3 LVPECL
250 Additive 5-channel clock distribution
AD9513 800/250 3 LVDS/CMOS 300 Additive 3-channel clock distribution
AD9514 1600/800/250 2 LVPECL
225 Additive 3-channel clock distribution
AD9515 1600/800/250 1 LVPECL
225 Additive 2-channel clock distribution
CLOCK GENERATION - Programmable Clock Rates and Edge Delay
AD9540 655 1 CML, PECL-Compliant 700 Total 655 MHz Low Jitter Clock Generator
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