Raj Senguttuvan

Name: Raj Senguttuvan
Title: Strategic Project Manager
Education: MBA, Cornell Johnson PhD, Georgia Tech
Areas of Interest: Marketing & Sales Strategy
Prior Experience: Product Engineer, Texas Instruments


Why did you decide to come to ADI?

Being an electrical engineer with a semiconductor focus by training, I had been quite familiar with ADI and its products. I knew that ADI was one of the key players in the semiconductor industry with a reputation for great products and serving a diverse customer base. While at Cornell, I came across the SPM job posting and was instantly attracted. I felt that it was a perfect fit for an MBA graduate who wanted to go back to the tech industry as a leadership development trainee. Getting the opportunity to live and work in the Boston area was another motivator!

Why do you like working at ADI?

Working in a culture that is innovative and open, and having easy access to senior management is important to me. Working in the Strategic Initiatives group at ADI has provided multiple opportunities to interact with senior management.

What is unique about your role?

In my role as an SPM, I get a great opportunity to have to an horizontal look across the company from a corporate level by getting working on different consulting projects for senior management. There are many interesting things to learn by working on different consulting projects within ADI - new technologies, new markets, new trends in the industry, competitors etc. These projects also provide an opportunity to interact with people across many groups within ADI and develop a strong network.

What cool projects have you worked on at ADI?

  • Competitive Intelligence analysis of a competitor in the consumer segment
  • Market landscape analysis for an innovative new product
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