Broadband CODECs

Broadband CODECs consist of components optimized to take advantage of smart partitioning by integrating amplifiers, filters, receive ADCs and transmit path data conversation (DACs). In many cases, they also integrate auxilliary data converters and other support functions. These CODECs provide a highly integrated solution for various applications including Broadband wireless, Home Networking, Cable Modems, and Set Top Boxes.


Broadband CODECs

Part#ADC Bits x #ADCs-Speed DAC Bits x #DACs-ClkSpeedUS Price 1000 to 4999Broadband CODEC-Flg
AD9993 14x4-250 MHz 14x2-500 MHz $148.70 Yes
AD9869 12x1-80 MHz 12x1-80 MHz $18.27 Yes
AD9868 10x1-33 MHz 12x1-232 MHz - Yes
AD9866 12x1-80 MHz 12x1-200 MHz $18.77 Yes
AD9865 10x1-80 MHz 10x1-200 MHz $10.07 Yes
AD9861-50 10x2-50 MHz 10x2-200 MHz $10.84 Yes
AD9861-80 10x2-80 MHz 10x2-200 MHz $13.80 Yes
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