What is SoundMAX Audio Signal Processing?
SoundMAX is a suite of audio processing algorithms tailored to run on ADI components. These processing algorithms are licensed to equipment manufacturers, who integrate them with ADI’s signal processing solutions to deliver an optimal listening solution to their customers. The SoundMAX logo gives you confidence that your entertainment experience will be the best it can be.

Analog Devices has long been known for world-class audio signal processing across a wide range of applications, from MP3 players and cellphones, consumer television and A/V equipment, automotive hardware, and professional recording and mastering equipment. With silicon solutions tailored to the needs of each of these product categories, we offer a variety of dedicated components for extremely cost- and power-sensitive requirements, and high-powered digital signal processors (SigmaDSP, Blackfin and SHARC) for the ultimate in flexibility and performance.

SoundMAX Audio Signal Processing for Television
These processing algorithms provide a wide variety of audio enhancements, like SoundMAX Surround – to create a virtual 5.1 environment from a two-channel source, SoundMAX AVC – to maintain a constant level when changing program material, SoundMAX Midnight Mode – to limit peak loudness and avoid waking the family when watching an action movie, and many others. View All Audio Signal Processors for TV.

Looking for SoundMAX PC Drivers?
Support and downloads for PC drivers are not handled by Analog Devices.

This is handled directly by the manufacturer of the PC or motherboard that you purchased. Please locate your computer/motherboard model number on your PC and then search for it on the manufacturer's website for support and downloads. You can also search "SoundMAX drivers" using any search engine to locate support for PC drivers.

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