Audio Signal Processors

Analog Devices' proven analog and digital technology delivers audiophile performance for the entire world of audio. SigmaDSP® allows designers to use the SigmaStudio graphical tool with an audio digital signal processor without assembly or C coding. Many SigmaDSP processors also integrate high-performance audio ADCs and DACs to build a full audio system-on-chip. ADI's SHARC® Processors are the leaders in quality audio processing and the Blackfin® Processors in mobile multimedia. Check the SigmaDSP FAQ for any questions you might have. If they are not answered there, direct any SigmaDSP support inquiries to


SigmaDSP Audio Processors

Part# Core FrequencyInstructions/SampleProgram RAM (kWord)Data RAM (k Words)Digital I/O ChannelsAnalog I/O ChannelsGPIOsAutomotive QualifiedSelf BootUS Price 1000-4999
ADAU1966-------Yes- $6.51
ADAU146150MHz10241KWord4k8/82/24Yes- $4.89
ADAU1401A50MHz10241KWord2k8/82/412YesI2C $5.68
ADAU1442172MHz35843.5KWord8k24/240/012YesI2C $9.96
ADAU178150MHz1024500Word500mk8/82/25-- $3.2
ADAU1446Reference Circuit Available172MHz35843.5KWord8k24/240/012YesI2C $8.28
ADAU1445172MHz35843.5KWord8k24/240/012YesI2C $9.31
ADAU1761Reference Circuit Available50MHz10241KWord4k8/82/24-- $3.91
ADAU1701Reference Circuit Available50MHz10241KWord2k8/82/412-I2C $4.52
ADAU170225MHz512500Word500mk8/82/412-I2C $3.57
AD194175MHz15361.5KWord6k16/160/0-Yes- $8.45
AD194075MHz15361.5KWord6k16/160/0-Yes- $8.45
AD1953-512--4/60/3--- $7.14
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SigmaDSP Processors for TV

Part# Instructions/Cycles# ADC Input Channels# DAC OutputsDAC THD+N @ 1 kHz (-3dB)SNR (dB)DAC DNR (dB)ADC DNR (dB)ADC THD+N (dB)Digital I/O ChannelsDigital Output PWM Chs
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