SoundMAX for TV Audio

SoundMAX® for TV Audio

Analog Devices has long been known for world-class audio signal processing across a wide range of applications – from professional recording and mastering equipment to MP3 players, cell phones, personal computers, TV sets, A/V equipment and automotive hardware. With silicon solutions tailored to meet the needs of each of these product categories, ADI offers a range of application specific audio solutions designed for cost and power sensitive requirements as well as high performance Blackfin®
and SHARC® DSPs for the ultimate in flexibility and functionality. The SoundMAX for TV Audio processors have been specifically
designed to meet the performance, functionality and cost requirements for advanced TV applications.

Audio Signal Processors for TV

Part # ADC Input Channels DAC Output Channels PWM Output Channels Broadcast Audio Decode (SIF)
ADAV4601 2 6 4 No
ADAV4622 4 8 4 Yes
ADAV4322 4 11 -- Yes

Class-D Power Amps

Part # Output Power @ 10% THD+N Efficiency @ 15W Dynamic Range Internal Modulator
ADAU1513 17.5W @ 6Ω 90% 96dB No
ADAU1592 18.0W @ 6Ω 87% 101dB Yes


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The key to delivering this kind of world-class performance is the combination of a complete library of audio processing algorithms with ADI's proven audio processors. These audio algorithms provide a wide range of audio enhancements, which when integrated with ADI's SoundMAX for TV Audio products enable OEMs to deliver the optimal listening solution to their customers. The SoundMAX® logo gives you complete confidence that the consumer entertainment experience will be the best it can be.

ADI's TV Audio Algorithms Supported by SigmaStudio® Design Tool

ADI's extensive library of algorithms provides powerful features and functionality that allow designers to add differentiating features to their TV’s audio system. These algorithms are designed to deliver end-consumer benefit by offering pleasing audio features or enhancements. All of these ADI-developed audio algorithms are available as "plug-ins" supported by SigmaStudio.

Automatic Volume Control - Maintains a constant programmable output level when the input level changes due to a channel change or commercial.

Surround - From just two channels, this algorithm will create five discrete channels (left, right, center, right surround and left surround).

Virtualizer - This algorithm converts 5.1 channel surround audio to two channel binaural format.

Dynamic Bass Boost - Provides boost that compensates for input-signal level (lower levels require and receive more bass boost than higher levels).

Midnight Mode - A dynamic-processing algorithm where high-level passages are attenuated and very quiet levels are raised into audibility, while dialogue remains unchanged and intelligible. This effect enhances late night viewing of explosive movie soundtracks or similar material (e.g. video games) by making them less obtrusive to non viewers.

Spatializer - A 3D audio enhancement, this algorithm yields an enriched surround field both for headphones and stereo speakers.

Lip Sync Delay - With a resolution of 21 us (1 sample period at 48 kHz) for a maximum delay of 400ms, a variable delay can be added to any channel to compensate for delays in video processing.

Programmable Parametric Equalizer - Through SigmaStudio's graphical interface, it is easy to create a number of custom EQ effect: concert, movie, voice, stadium, karaoke, echo and more.

Third-party Audio Algorithms - Analog Devices provides support for popular audio algorithms customers have licensed from Dolby®, DTS®, SRS®, BBE®, Waves®, Audyssey® and others. Contact ADI for a complete listing of the third-party algorithms that are currently supported with SigmaStudio plug-ins.

The combination of ADI's SoundMAX for TV Audio processors and audio algorithms with the SigmaStudio software tool kit and support for third-party audio algorithms makes it easier for TV audio designers to meet critical cost and Time-To-Market goals. ADI was the first IC supplier to provide the entire TV audio signal chain and this system knowledge and experience ensures that your next TV audio design will be a successful one.

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