Audio D/A Converters

Analog Devices offers a broad range of audio DACs for a number of applications. With a wide range of performance available, these audio DACs are perfectly suited for applications such as automotive audio, DVD players and recorders, Audio Video Receivers, Professional Mixing Consoles, and Digital Effects boxes.


Audio D/A Converters

Part# # DACDAC DNR (dB)DAC THD+N @ 1 kHz (-3dB)Max Sampling RateVoltage Supply (V)Resolution (Bits)FeaturesDAC ArchitectureAutomotive QualifiedUS Price 1000-4999
AD1851196dB-90dB48KHz5V16bitsingle ended configurable current or voltage outputR-2R- $4.71
AD18522114dB-105dB192KHz5V24bitDifferential voltage outputSigma Delta- $5.57
AD18561--48KHz12V16bitsingle-ended, voltage output-- $9.94
AD1859294dB-88dB48KHz5V18bitsingle ended voltage outputSigma Delta- **
AD1866290dB-86dB48KHz5V16bitsingle ended voltage outputR-2R- $10.57
AD19338112dB-96dB192KHz5V24bitDiff Vout, On-board LDO produces 3.3V from 5VSigma DeltaYes $3.66
AD19348108dB-92dB192KHz3.3V24bitSingle Ended voltage OutputSigma DeltaYes $3.15
AD1953396dB-96dB48KHz5V24bitDifferential voltage output, SigmaDSPSigma Delta- $7.14
AD19552123dB110dB192KHz5V24bitSACD Playback, Differential Current OutputSigma Delta- $6.86
ADAU17722107dB-90dB192KHz-24bit--- $4.53
ADAU196616118dB-98dB192KHz5V24bit118dB SNR, temp sensor, diff Vout, SPI/I2C controlSigma DeltaYes $6.51
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