Audio Amplifiers

Analog Devices is a leader in audio signal processing. Delivering audiophile performance with its proven analog and digital technology, ADI offers a wide range of audio amplifiers, including industry-leading microphone preamps, microphone drivers, line drivers and receivers. ADI’s audio amplifier products also include Class A/B and Class D offerings, along with a breadth of power ICs.

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Class-D Audio Amplifiers

Part# Audio Input FormatOutput Power (W)Efficiency (%)SNR (dB)Min Pos SupplyMax Pos SupplySupply CurrentTHD+N (%)Gain (min)Gain (max)US Price 1000-4999
SSM2537PDM Input2.7W88%102dB2.5V5.5V1.4mA0.005%-- $0.99
SSM4321Diff Analog Input2W89%-2.5V5.5V3.8mA0.01%-- $1.36
SSM2519I2S Input2W84%98dB1.5V3.6V2.64mA0.03%-- $1.17
SSM2529I2S Input2W91%103dB2.5V5.5V3mA0.03%-- $1.36
SSM3302Diff Analog Input10W91%98dB7V18V12.2mA1%-- $2.3
SSM2377Diff Analog Input2.5W92%101dB2.5V5.5V2mA0.007%6dB12dB $0.59
SSM2804Diff or SE Analog Input2.9W89%94dB2.5V3.6V9.8mA0.01%12dB18dB $1.98
SSM2375Diff Analog Input3W93%100dB2.5V5.5V2.7mA0.01%0dB12dB $0.71
SSM2380Diff Analog Input2.5W93%100dB2.5V5.5V6mA0.005%1dB24dB $0.91
SSM2517PDM Input2.4W92%96dB2.5V5.5V3.2mA0.035%-- $0.79
SSM2356Diff Analog Input2W92%100dB2.5V5.5V4.9mA0.004%6dB18dB $0.9
SSM2319Diff Analog Input3W90%98dB2.5V5.5V3.2mA0.02%-12dB $0.72
SSM2335Diff Analog Input3W93%96dB2.5V5.5V2.8mA0.01%-18dB $0.57
SSM2305Diff Analog Input2.8W89%98dB2.5V5.5V2.8mA0.02%-18dB $0.54
SSM2315Diff Analog Input3W93%103dB2.5V5.5V2.8mA0.004%-6dB $0.66
SSM2317Diff Analog Input3W93%93dB2.5V5.5V3.2mA0.02%-18dB $0.73
SSM2306Reference Circuit AvailableDiff Analog Input2W87%96dB2.5V5V5.7mA0.02%-18dB $0.89
SSM2301Diff Analog Input1.4W85%98dB2.5V5V3.5mA0.004%6dB12dB $0.4
SSM2304Diff Analog Input2W85%102dB2.5V5V6.5mA0.2%-18dB $0.73
SSM2302Diff Analog Input1.4W85%98dB2.5V5V6.6mA0.04%6dB12dB $0.83
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Mic/Pre-Amp Audio Products

Part# Audio ApplicationV Span MinV Span MaxUS Price 1000-4999
ADA4075-2Reference Circuit AvailableOp-Amp24V36V $0.75
SSM2018Single VCA30V30V $3.17
SSM2019Pre-Amp10V36V $1.87
SSM2166Reference Circuit AvailablePre-Amp5V5V $3.13
SSM2167Reference Circuit AvailablePre-Amp3V3V $1.2
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Audio Line Drivers and Receivers

Part# CMR (dB)Gain (min)Gain (max)Gain Error (%)Slew Rate (V/ms)V Span MinV Span MaxSupply CurrentTHD+N (%)US Price 1000-4999
AD8274Reference Circuit Available86dB-6dB2dB0.05%205V36V2.6mA0.00025% $1.05
AD8273Reference Circuit Available86dB-6dB2dB0.05%205V36V2.5mA0.00025% $1.6
SSM214390dB-6dB6dB0.03%1012V36V4mA0.0006% $1.66
SSM2142--6dB0.7%1510V36V7mA0.006% $2.65
SSM2141100dB-6dB0.001%9.512V36V3.5mA0.001% $1.74
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