Signal Generators (Audio through RF)

Analog Devices offers a variety of solutions for frequency synthesis, including fully-digital DDS-based solutions, phase-locked loops with integrated VCOs, standalone VCOs for RF applications, high-speed DACs capable of direct multicarrier signal synthesis at baseband, IF, and RF frequencies as well as the mixers, modulators, filters, and video and RF amplifiers to complete the signal chain.

Signal Generators (Audio through RF)

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EVAL-AD917x Circuit Diagram

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Evaluation Kits

The AD9171, AD9172, and AD9173 evaluation boards are FMC form-factor boards with FMC connectors that comply to the Vita 57.1 standard. The FMC boards use a Mini-Circuits balun on the DAC output.

To operate the evaluation board, the user must attach the board to a compatible FMC carrier board, such as those provided by FPGA vendors. Analog Devices produces an FPGA carrier called the ADS7-V2, which serves as a digital pattern generator or data source as well as the power supply for the boards. The AD917x board has an option to be powered from a lab power supply when used in a special NCO-only mode. This operation is described in more detail in the User's Guide, linked on the wiki site. The user must be able to observe the DAC output on a spectrum analyzer. A low noise clock source is provided on the evaluations boards, the HMC7044 clock synthesizer, and an option exists for the user to supply a low jitter external sine or square wave clock as a clock source instead. The evaluation board comes with software, called ACE, which allows the user to program the SPI port. Via the SPI port, the DUT (and clock circuitry) can be programmed into any of its various operating modes. It also comes with the DAC Software Suite which includes the DPGDownloader for vector generation, download, and transmission to the evaluation board when using the ADS7-V2.