Parametric Measurement

Parametric measurement instruments are employed in R&D labs and automated test systems for characterization and test of electronic devices, semiconductors, electrochemical cells, and the electrical properties of materials. They are capable of simultaneously performing accurate voltage and current measurements while applying a voltage or current excitation. To meet the throughput and accuracy requirements for this class of instruments, Analog Devices portfolio offers:

  • Parametric measurement units (PMU) for high-density systems
  • The fastest precision D/A and A/D converters in the market
  • Constant voltage and constant current linear controllers
  • High-performance amplifiers for low-level measurements
  • Low-noise switching power controllers
  • Agency-approved digital isolators

Our broad array of products enables designers to optimize for precision, speed, and density at any performance level.

Parametric Measurement

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Evaluation Kits

The ADALM1000 Active Learning Module is an easy to use tool designed to introduce the fundamentals of electrical engineering in a self-led or instructor- led setting. The ADALM1000 Module allows students to better understand the real analog world around them, and is applicable for all students, at all levels, from all backgrounds. Early hands-on learning with the ADALM1000 will help students develop a solid science, technology, or engineering foundation.

The ADALM1000 module is a tool that illustrates the relationships between current, voltage, impedance (resistance, inductance, and capacitance) to the user. The ADALM1000 provides a personal portable lab that, when used with a laptop or tablet, augments learning that takes place in the classroom. Pixelpulse 2 provides an innovative graphical user interface (GUI) that minimizes the learning curve and enables students to learn faster, work smarter, and explore more.

The ADALM1000 is a learning tool for everyone.


  • Affordable instrument combines capabilities from analyzers, generators, curve tracers, and current/voltage systems.
  • Provides analysis capability for real circuits and concepts used in engineering environments.
  • Freely available online labs and curricula for educators and students to master difficult engineering concepts.
  • Structured hands-on activities stimulate and accelerate learning and builds interest in fundamental engineering concepts.
  • Helps to develop critical thinking skills needed for career development.