DC Sources and Power Supplies

Precision DC sources and programmable power supplies are highly reliable, low noise devices dedicated to setting accurate bias levels and providing high-quality power rails for sensitive electronic tests. To meet the challenges of high-efficiency power conditioning, accuracy, and fast voltage rail sequencing, Analog Devices portfolio includes:

  • Low-noise switching power controllers
  • Isolated gate drivers
  • The highest resolution D/A and A/D converters in the market
  • Constant voltage and constant current linear controllers
  • Agency-approved digital isolators

Our broad array of products enable topologies and system partitions to optimize for performance and cost at any power level.

DC Sources and Power Supplies

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EVAL-ADuM4120 Circuit Diagram

EVAL-ADuM4120 Photo

Evaluation Kits

The evaluation boards EVAL-ADuM4120EBZ and EVAL-ADuM4120-1EBZ support the ADuM4120/ADuM4120-1 single-channel gate drivers with an integrated miller clamp. Analog Devices, Inc., iCoupler® technology provides isolation between the input signal and the output gate driver. The EVAL- ADuM4120-1EBZ option is populated with the ADuM4120-1 that does not contain an internal input glitch filter, resulting in lower propagation delays.

The instructions and components in UG-1109 apply to both the EVAL-ADuM4120EBZ and EVAL-ADuM4120-1EBZ.

The ADuM4120/ADuM4120-1 provides operation with voltages of up to 35 V. The high common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) and robust drive strength makes the ADuM4120/ADuM4120-1 an excellent fit for fast switching technologies.

The EVAL-ADuM4120EBZ evaluation board facilitates testing of the propagation delay, drive strength, and input logic of the device.

For complete information about the ADuM4120/ADuM4120-1, refer to the ADuM4120/ADuM4120-1 data sheet that should be consulted in conjunction with UG-1109 when using the evaluation board.


EVAL-ADA4625-1 Circuit Diagram

EVAL-ADA4625-1 Photo

Evaluation Kits

UG-1201 describes the evaluation board for the ADA4625-1 low noise, fast settling, single supply, rail-to-rail output (RRO), junction field effect transistor (JFET) op amp in an 8-lead small outline integrated circuit (SOIC) package with an exposed pad. The design of this evaluation board emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. This evaluation board is a 2-layer board that accommodates edge mounted SubMiniature version A (SMA) connectors on the inputs and outputs. The SMA connectors allow efficient connection to test equipment or other circuitry.

The evaluation board ground plane, components placement, and power supply bypassing are optimized for maximum circuit flexibility and performance. The exposed pad of the ADA4625-1 is connected to the ground plane on the evaluation board to enhance thermal and noise performance. The evaluation board uses a combination of surface mount technology (SMT) component case sizes 0603 and 0805, with the exception of the bypass capacitors, Capacitor C3 and Capacitor C5, which have a maximum standard size of 1206. The evaluation board also features a variety of unpopulated resistor and capacitor pads, which provide the user with multiple choices and extensive flexibility for different application circuits and configurations, such as active loop filters, transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs), and charge amplifiers.

The ADA4625-1 data sheet covers the specifications and details of the device operation and application circuit configurations and guidance. Consult the data sheet in conjunction with UG-1201 for a better understanding of the device operation, especially when powering up the evaluation board for the first time.