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A/D converters translate analog electrical signals representing real-world phenomenon e.g., light, sound, temperature or pressure for data processing purposes. With products to match performance, power, cost and size needs, Analog Devices offers the industry’s largest A/D converter portfolio from 6-bit and up to 24-bit. As the world’s leading provider, these data converters enable accurate and reliable conversion performance in a broad range of applications including Communications, Energy, Healthcare, Instrumentation and Measurement, Motor and Power Control, Industrial Automation and Aerospace/Defence.

A variety of A/D converter resources including application notes, design handbooks, FAQs, and mini tutorials are provided to assist the engineer in every phase of their project from product selection to circuit design. Our reference circuits, called Circuits from the Lab™, save valuable time by providing common lab-tested and implementable reference circuit designs. The ADISimADC™ design tool helps engineers simulate, select, evaluate, and troubleshoot common circuit design problems. Mini tutorials and videos show designers solutions to common design problems. The EngineerZone is an online support community where designers can interact with each other or ADI Engineers. Bookmark this page as your complete A/D converter resource.

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Documentation And Resources

Title Content Type File Type
AN-1084: Channel Switching: AD7190, AD7192, AD7193, AD7194, AD7195  (pdf, 118 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-1091: Configuring the AD7606/AD7607 for Slow Supply Ramp Conditions  (pdf, 65 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-0982: The Residual Phase Noise Measurement  (pdf, 710 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-878: High Speed ADC SPI Control Software  (pdf, 585 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-282: Fundamentals of Sampled Data Systems  (pdf, 2131 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-737: How ADIsimADC Models an ADC  (pdf, 373 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-807: Multicarrier WCDMA Feasibility  (pdf, 969 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-808: Multicarrier CDMA2000 Feasibility  (pdf, 1535 kB)
The goal of this application note is to determine the feasibility of implementing a multicarrier CDMA2000 transceiver and what the major subsystem performances must be.
Application Notes PDF
AN-827: A Resonant Approach to Interfacing Amplifiers to Switched-Capacitor ADCs  (pdf, 203 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-877: Interfacing to High Speed ADCs via SPI  (pdf, 1594 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-905: VisualAnalog Converter Evaluation Tool Version 1.0 User Manual  (pdf, 2124 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-935: Designing an ADC Transformer-Coupled Front End  (pdf, 363 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-835: Understanding High Speed ADC Testing and Evaluation  (pdf, 985 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-803: Pin Compatible High Speed ADCs Simplify Design Tasks  (pdf, 356 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-586: LVDS Outputs for High Speed A/D Converters  (pdf, 207 kB)
High Speed ADCs Uses LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signaling) to Minimize Performance Limitations In ADC Applications When Providing High Speed Data Output
Application Notes PDF
AN-812:  MicroController-Based Serial Port Interface (SPI) Boot Circuit (pdf, 452,449 bytes)  (pdf, 441 kB)
This application note describes the operation of a general-purpose, microcontroller-based Serial Port Interface (SPI) boot circuit.
Application Notes PDF
AN-851: A WiMax Double Downconversion IF Sampling Receiver Design  (pdf, 262 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-742: Frequency Domain Response of Switched-Capacitor ADCs  (pdf, 401 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-715: A First Approach to IBIS Models: What They Are and How They Are Generated  (pdf, 370 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-345: Grounding for Low-and-High-Frequency Circuits  (pdf, 455 kB)
Know Your Ground and Signal Paths for Effective Designs. Current Flow Seeks Path of Least Impedance-Not Just Resistance....
Application Notes PDF
AN-756: Sampled Systems and the Effects of Clock Phase Noise and Jitter  (pdf, 291 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-501: Aperture Uncertainty and ADC System Performance  (pdf, 227 kB)
A Key Concern in IF Sampling is that of Aperture Uncertainty (Jitter)
Application Notes PDF
AN-616: AD9430 Evaluation Board Modifications for XTAL Oscillator Clocking  (pdf, 162 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-283: Sigma-Delta ADCs and DACs  (pdf, 1699 kB)
Overview of Sigma-Delta Concepts: Oversampling, Noise Shaping Using the Sigma-Delta Modulator, Digital Filtering and Decimation.
Application Notes PDF
CN0247: 12-Bit ,1 MSPS, Single-Supply, Low Power Data Acquisition System  (pdf, 228 kB) Circuit Note PDF
High Speed ADC FMC Development Board with JESD204B
This high-speed data acquisition board contains two AD9250 14-bit, 250 MSPS dual ADCs which support high-speed serial JESD204B coded outputs for improved FPGA connectivity. In this example, it is connected to a Xilinx KC706 development board.
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AD7960: The First 5 MSPS 18-bit PulSAR ADC
This video demonstrates the AD7960. The industry's fastest (5 MSPS) 18-bit precision SAR ADC using Analog Devices' proprietary technology providing unprecedented performance in terms of speed, accuracy and minimum power.
Videos HTML
ADE7913: Magnetic Immunity for Polyphase Energy Meter Applications
The ADE7913 is a fully isolated ADC that has 3 input channels. It incorporates iCoupler® and isoPower® technologies to implement isolated signal transfer and dc-to-dc power conversion across a 5kV-rated insulation barrier and an SPI output.
Videos HTML
Process Control Systems – from Field Transmitter to Actuator
This demonstration forms a complete solution from field transmitter to actuator. It incorporates a loop powered field instrument with HART interface (CN0267), a universal analog input board (CN0325), and analog output with HART connectivity (CN0321).
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Signal Chain Designer: A New Way to Design Online
Signal Chain Designer™ is an advanced selection and design environment that enables custom design creation and direct interactive access to more than 200 tested application circuits and verified product combinations.
Videos HTML
Precision Weigh Scale Reference Circuit
Using a 24-bit sigma delta ADC and external zero-drift amplifiers, this circuit yields 15.3-bit noise-free code resolution for a load cell with a full-scale output of 10 mV. Good performance is maintained through 120 Hz conversion rate.
Videos HTML
K-Type Thermocouple Measurement System
This reference circuit provides complete thermocouple signal conditioning with cold junction compensation followed by a 16-bit sigma-delta ADC. The system measures temperatures from 15°C to 950°C.
Videos HTML
4-Channel AFE for Wide Dynamic Range Signal Conditioning
This reference circuit provides programmable gain, high CMR, and high input impedance. It maintains very good performance and has an easy configuration for signals w/ varying amplitudes. It accepts full-scale input signals from a few mV up to ±10V.
Videos HTML
Isolated, Industrial Voltage Level Data Acquisition System
This reference circuit is a highly integrated 16-bit, 250 kSPS, 8-channel data acquisition system that can digitize ±10 V industrial level signals. It provides 2500 V rms isolation between the measurement circuit and the host controller.
Videos HTML
High Speed PCB Fundamentals Demo
This demo examines two sets of functionally identical PCBs. One uses traditional PCB design techniques, the other uses high speed PCB design techniques, where performance improvements can be observed.
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High Accuracy Impedance Measurement
Using a high precision impedance converter system that combines an on-chip programmable frequency generator with a 12-bit, 1 MSPS (or 250 kSPS) ADC, this ref circuit yields accurate impedance measurements extending from low ohm to several hundred kΩ.
Videos HTML
Dual Channel Colorimiter with Programmable Gain Amplifiers
This reference circuit can be used in chemical analysis and environmental monitoring instruments to measure concentrations and characterize materials through absorption spectroscopy. It has a modulated light source TX and a synchronous detector RX.
Videos HTML
Carbon Monoxide Toxic Gas Detector
This reference circuit is a single-supply, low power, battery operated, portable gas detector using an electrochemical sensor. Total power consumption for the circuit is approximately 110 μA (no gas detected) and 460 μA (2000 ppm CO detected).
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Software Defined Radio
The FMCOMMS1-EBZ high-speed analog module is designed to showcase the latest generation high-speed data converters. The FMCOMMS1-EBZ provides the analog front-end for a wide range of compute-intensive FPGA-based radio applications.
Videos HTML
FMC High Performance Servo Control Platform
This video show a complete motor control solution and features products from Analog Devices, MathWorks and Xilinx (ISE and ChipScope Pro).
Videos HTML
Motor Control Signal Chain Demo
This video shows Analog Devices' coverage of the total signal chain in industrial motor control applications, encompassing motor control algorithm implementation, precision feedback, signal isolation and digital power management.
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Isolated Sigma-Delta Converters for Current Measurement
Use the AD74xx isolated ΣΔ ADCs in combination with an FPGA or DSP to measure currents with shunts or monitor AC voltages. In addition to digital filtering, the AD74xx ADCs can also be converted into isolated amplifiers by using simple RC filters.
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EngineerZone® Online Technical Support Community
The EngineerZone® support community enables customers to engage online with ADI experts and fellow engineers to find answers to complex and frequently asked technical product and application questions.
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JESD204B Converter-to-FPGA Connectivity
Watch the AD9250 a dual, 14-bit, 250 MSPS, ADC with a JESD204B high speed serial interface connected to a Xilinx KC705 development system run the Analog Devices reference design, which includes the Xilinx LogiCORE™ IP JESD204 core.
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ADAS1000 ECG Analog Front-End with Diagnostic Performance
The ADAS1000 is an integrated 5 channel AFE to support ECG measurement up to 8-leads with diagnostic performance. The chip supports additional features like Respiration-measurement, Pace-detect and AC/DC lead of detection.
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Use Circuits from the Lab™ in Your Next Design
Watch how two engineers were able to use Analog Devices Circuits from the Lab to help solve their design challenge. From test data to HW evaluation, to project integration, we make it easy to save time while lowering the risk in your circuit design.
Videos HTML
Analog Devices Pmods for Xilinx FPGAs
See various examples of ADI data converters and MEMS accelerometers connected to Xilinx FPGAs using Digilent Pmod™ peripheral modules.
Videos HTML
Rapid Prototyping with JESD204B using FMC and Xilinx FPGAs
Start prototyping fast with the JESD204B-compliant AD9250 A/D converter. Available on a FMC with online software and support, this is a faster, easier way to connect your Xilinx Kintex and Vertex FPGAs with ADI’s JESD204B data converters.
Videos HTML
Analog Devices University Program
The University Program provides students analog design kits, course material and support to build and test analog circuits anytime/anywhere. ADI teamed with representatives from Digilent, RIT, RPI, Virginia Tech and Arizona State University.
Videos HTML
AD7091R Enables Power Budget Optimization Videos HTML
Simultaneous Sampling, Isolated, 16-bit DAQ Circuit
Using a whiteboard and lab setup, our engineer shows how to simultaneous sample industrial level signals, in an isolated, high accuracy, daisy-chained data acquisition system. Documentation, design files, and hardware make it easy to integrate.
Videos HTML
20-Bit Voltage Source Circuit for High Accuracy Applications
Using a whiteboard and lab setup, our engineer shows how to implement a high accuracy 20-bit voltage source for precision instrumentation systems. High performance is maintained, and documentation, design files, & hardware make it easy to integrate.
Videos HTML
How to Use the ADuCRF101 Serial Downloader
This video shows how to get the ADuCRF101 into serial download mode and how to access and use the supplied serial downloader software tools.
Videos HTML
Get Started with the ADuCRF101 Development System
This video shows how to get to up and running with the ADuCRF101 development system and access and download the supplied software tools.
Videos HTML
How to Order the ADuCRF101 Evaluation Board
The ADuCRF101is a complete data aquisiton system that is designed for low power wireless applications. It contains a 14-Bit precision ADC, a low power Cortex-M3 core , RF transceiver and flash/EE memory.
Videos HTML
Experience the action at X-fest 2012 with Analog Devices
Analog Devices takes you inside the Boston event to witness the exciting activity taking place at these events worldwide. Hear how ADI, the analog signal processing experts, is enabling advanced technology solutions for Xilinx FPGAs.
Videos HTML
Interfacing FPGA’s (Field Programmable Gate Arrays)
Featured is a variety of MEMS sensors and data conversion devices connected to and controlled by these FPGA development systems: Avnet Xilinx Spartan®-6 FPGA LX9 MicroBoard and Digilent Pmods™, and the Arrow Altera Cyclone IV BeMicro SDK.
Videos HTML
A Look at the JESD204B Serial Interface EYE Diagram
This video will provide viewers an introduction to EYE diagram measurement in JESD204B interfaces.
Videos HTML
AD7190 Active Functional ADC Model
This video demonstrates how the ADC Active Functional Model is used to evaluate and debug the AD7190. The AD7190 is a low noise, complete AFE for high precision measurement applications; it contains a 24-bit sigma-delta ADC & a low noise gain stage.
Videos HTML
Introducing VisualAnalog™, Analog Devices ADC Simulation Tool
Predicting ADC performance in your application may require information that isn't in the data sheet. VisualAnalog™ is a free simulation tool that can predict time-domain and frequency-domain performance of high speed analog to digital converters.
Videos HTML
Using VisualAnalog™ with ADC Evaluation Boards
This video shows how to use the FPGA-based data acquisition board that is used to evaluate high speed analog to digital converters. See how to capture data and plot frequency-domain performance.
Videos HTML
VisualAnalog™ Reduces Your Design Time
See how to simulate performance of different Analog to Digital converters with real-life waveforms to predict which ADC is the best solution for your application.
Videos HTML
JESD204A Converters Reduce Power & Space in Comms Applications
The AD9644 is a low-power, high-speed 14-bit ADCs with JESD204A data converter serial interface allow designers to extend transmission lengths while improving signal integrity and simplifying printed-circuit board layout.
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AD9272/AD9273 Octal Receivers for Medical Ultrasound
The AD9272 and AD9273 are ADI's next-generation, octal receivers for medical ultrasound. Each device integrates 8 channels of LNA, VGA, AAF, and 12-bit ADC on a single chip.
Videos HTML
ADAS1128: 28-channel, 24-bit, 20 kSPS Current-to-Digital Converter
The ADAS1128 is a 128-channel, analog-current-to-digital converter. It contains 128 low-power, low-noise, low-input current integrators, simultaneous sample-holds and two high-speed, high-resolution ADCs with configurable sampling rate and resolution up to 24 bits. The primary application is CT Scanners.
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AD9262: Dual Continuous Time Sigma-Delta ADC
This video features the thought leaders (engineers and marketeers) involved with the creation of the AD9262. The AD9262 is a dual, 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) based on a continuous time sigma-delta architecture that achieves 86 dB of dynamic range over a 10 MHz input bandwidth.
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Sensor Signal Conditioning - Strain, Force, Pressure, and Flow Measurements  (PDF) Design Handbooks PDF
Sensor Signal Conditioning - Amplifiers for Signal Conditioning  (PDF) Design Handbooks PDF
Sensor Signal Conditioning - Bridge Circuits  (PDF) Design Handbooks PDF
Sensor Signal Conditioning - ADCs for Signal Conditioning  (pdf, 223 kB) Design Handbooks PDF
The Data Conversion Handbook Design Handbooks HTML
Interfacing GSPS Data Converters to FPGAs
A new generation of high-performance GSPS data converters are poised to simplify wideband RF architectures and greatly enhance system capabilities. This webcast explores the conversion technology as featured on a reference design and quick-start FPGA-friendly prototyping module. Topics covered include: GSPS ADC & DAC IC technology, an overview of the JESD204B interface, and the software that makes the converters and FPGA work together seamlessly.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Working with Digital Isolators in Motor Control Applications
This webcast will look at the considerations and challenges at key isolation nodes within the motor control signal chain. Choice of an isolation architecture can greatly affect the final system architecture complexity and cost. The isolation required by safety standards for motor drive electronics can be addressed in multiple ways. We will examine some of the tradeoffs involved in designing a system under IEC standards.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Troubleshooting your SAR ADCs
This webcast discusses the three main areas of support circuitry associated with high resolution SAR ADCs. The first part focuses on how to drive the reference, choosing passive and active components, noise contributions and performance characteristics. Next, we discuss front end support circuitry, properly driving the ADC and overstress protection. We conclude by highlighting support tools for evaluating or prototyping with ADI converters.
Webcasts WEBCAST
High-performance GSPS Data Converters Improve RADAR & EW Architectures
In recent years gigasample per second ADCs have been pushing the data conversion stage closer and closer to the antenna. But when analog bandwidths reach 1-2 GHz, in many cases the dynamic AC performance of current GSPS ADCs is severely limited by the linearity and noise spectral density of the converter. In this webinar, we'll discuss the advantages of going to new improved GSPS converters and the impact on Radar and Electronic Warfare systems.
Webcasts WEBCAST
An Overview of Spectroscopy Instrumentation Techniques, Applications and Signal Chains
Spectroscopy techniques form the basis for almost all light-based measurements in laboratory and analytical instrumentation. The webcast will start with the basics, show the theory of operation and describe some typical spectroscopy signal chains. Next, we'll explain the challenges of the primary photodiode path and finish with a discussion of the auxiliary measurements that need to be considered in the component selection and end system design.
Webcasts WEBCAST
How to Read a Datasheet
What is in a datasheet, and how can the information it contains help you select the right part for your design? This wide-ranging and informative webcast will take you through a typical datasheet and explain the full meaning behind many often misunderstood specs.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Demystifying the JESD204B High-speed Data Converter-to-FPGA interface
This webcast will provide an overview of the JESD204 standard from its original version up to the current "B" revision. In addition, common "high-performance metrics" that are associated with high speed serial interfaces such as JESD204 will be described. Topics covered in this webcast will also be useful for applications that use similar high speed serial interfaces.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Webcast: The Latest on Driving ADCs Differentially: Part 2
This is the second of a two-part series addressing how to select the right differential ADC driver for your design. In part one we looked at the basics of driving ADCs, including errors in sampled data systems (such as distortion and noise) ENOB, differential signaling definitions, and advantages of ADC driver architectures. This month we will take these basic concepts and use them to make the driver selection and design driving circuits.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Wireless Communication of Sensor Data in Industrial Applications
This webcast will discuss practical real world factors that impact achieving a robust wireless communications link in industrial applications. Low power operation, processing and precision ADC performance can be important requirements for wireless sensors and these areas will also be discussed in this webcast.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Healthcare Webcast: Optimizing Ultrasound Systems using Integrated Receivers
In this webcast TGC noise analysis techniques will be presented to aid designers in determining receiver noise contributions in near and far field B mode imagining. The key IC performance specifications that determine PW Doppler mode sensitivity will also be discussed, as will analysis of the CW Doppler signal path critical noise sources and suggested filtering techniques will be presented.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Healthcare Webcast: Fundamentals of ADC Technologies for Healthcare Design
This session will explain the main ADC architectures in use today, and their advantages and disadvantages for different medical and healthcare applications such as ECG, diagnostics and ultrasound. It will present the latest developments in: Successive approximation, Sigma delta, Pipelined architectures, Design guidance on clocking, grounding, shielding and other techniques to get the best performance from the device will be presented.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Applying A/D Converters in IF Sampling Applications
Join our high-speed converter experts as they examine in detail the ADC function in an IF sampling architecture and work through a typical signal chain application.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Webcast: Differential Circuit Design Techniques for Communication Applications
In this Webinar, we will explore the advantages of differential design techniques and how their performance benefits affect the stringent system requirements of today's high performance communication systems.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Webcast: Understanding Data Converter Errors and Specifications
In this Webcast, ADI systems applications expert Chris Hyde will conduct a rapid review of the most common sources of errors in a data converter and how to interpret specs on the data sheet.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Webcast: Data Conversion Applications and Solutions for Precision Process Control
Achieving precise process control is a key step in meeting factory yield and volume production standards. This Webcast will explore the full industrial process control signal chain, the key components involved, and the critical specifications of those components.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Webcast: Design Considerations for Multi-Channel ADCs
Our ADC expert will explore the important design considerations of multi-channel ADCs, both pro and con. Some tradeoffs of utilizing ADCs with additional on-chip functionality will also be discussed.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Webcast: Driving Precision Converters: How to Select the Best Voltage Reference and Amplifier for your ADC Application
Today's precision data converters achieve new levels of accuracy and noise performance, but these attributes can easily be diminished with improper application. View our Webcast and learn how to select the drive amplifiers and voltage references that will enable you to get the best possible performance from your precision A/D converter.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Webcast: Simplify and Reduce Active Filter Design Time
In this fast-paced Webcast, our analog experts will take you through the process of designing a low pass and high pass active filter. Filter theory and architecture will be discussed as well as the utilization of design tools and new active filter evaluation boards used to simplify and expedite the design process.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Designing Transformer Coupled Front-Ends for High Performance A/D Converters
This Webcast will provide a practical "formula" approach for designing transformer-coupled front-ends for high performance ADC in baseband and super-Nyquist applications.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Design Considerations in Specifying Data Converters for High Speed Applications
This Webcast will cover important design considerations for understanding, selecting, and applying high speed A/D converters and D/A converters.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Driving High Performance ADCs in Communication Applications
In this Webcast, our amplifier expert will review RF versus ADC terminology, provide a basic overview of system budgeting, contrast different ADC driver implementations, and touch on filter design techniques required to meet today's stringent system requirements.
Webcasts WEBCAST
UG-311: Reliability Handbook  (pdf, 3248 kB) User Guides PDF
UG-294: Evaluating the AD9644/AD9641 Analog-to-Digital Converters  (pdf, 4934 kB) User Guides PDF
UG-290: Evaluating the AD9434 and AD9484 Analog-to-Digital Converters  (pdf, 1766 kB) User Guides PDF
Successive-Approximation ADCs: Ensuring a Valid First Conversion
by Steven Xie, Analog Devices, Beijing (Analog Dialogue, Vol 47, December 2013)
Analog Dialogue HTML
Front-End Amplifier and RC Filter Design for a Precision SAR Analog-to-Digital Converter
Analog Dialogue Volume 46 – December 2012
Analog Dialogue HTML
Versatile, Low-Power, Precision Single-Ended-to-Differential Converter
(Analog Dialogue, Vol. 46, No. 10, Oct. 2012)
Analog Dialogue HTML
The AD9271 - A Revolutionary Solution for Portable Ultrasound
(Analog Dialogue, Vol. 41, July 2007)
Analog Dialogue HTML
Capacitance Sensors for Human Interfaces to Electronic Equipment
(Analog Dialogue, Vol. 40, October, 2006)
Analog Dialogue HTML
Low-Power, Low-Voltage IC Choices for ECG System Requirements
(Analog Dialogue, Vol. 29, No. 3, 1995)
Analog Dialogue HTML
MS-2624:Optimizing Precision Photodiode Sensor Circuit Design  (pdf, 331 kB) Technical Articles PDF
MS-2404: Trends in Three-Phase Energy Metering: New Innovative Isolated ADC Architecture Enables Three-Phase Energy Meters with Shunts  (pdf, 312 kB) Technical Articles PDF
Considerations on High-Speed Converter PCB Design, Part 1: Power and Ground Planes Technical Articles HTML
Considerations on High-Speed Converter PCB Design, Part 2: Using Power and Ground Planes to Your Advantage, Design News, February 2011 Technical Articles HTML
Rarely Asked Questions: Considerations of High-Speed Converter PCB Design, Part 3: The E-Pad Low Down, Design News, June 2011 Technical Articles HTML
MS-2123-1: 2011 Trends in Data Conversion  (pdf, 292 kB) Technical Articles PDF
Nine Often Overlooked ADC Specifications  (pdf, 445 kB)
Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) have many specifications; some are more important for a given application than others. Understanding these specifications and controlling external devices affecting the ADC will lead to better performance.
Technical Articles PDF
High-resolution ADCs — an overview
The dramatic reduction in the cost of high-resolution ADCs brings a number of benefits to designers.
(Electronic Products, 4/23/2010)
Technical Articles HTML
Solving Engineering Challenges in Ultrasound Systems Through Integration and Power Scaling
Understand the unique requirements and constraints of this signal chain, along with current expectations
(Planet Analog, 11/2/2009)
Technical Articles HTML
The AD9271 - A Revolutionary Solution for Portable Ultrasound
(Analog Dialogue, Vol. 41, July 2007)
Technical Articles HTML
Capacitance Sensors for Human Interfaces to Electronic Equipment
(Analog Dialogue, Vol. 40, October, 2006)
Technical Articles HTML
Improve The Design Of Your Passive Wideband ADC Front-End Network
As converter technology improves, so does the demand to resolve very high intermediate frequencies (IFs) accurately at high speeds. This poses two challenges: the converter design itself and the front-end design that couples the signal content to the converter. Even if the converter itself is excellent, the front end must be able to preserve the signal quality too.
(Electronic Design, 3/26/2010)
Technical Articles HTML
Seven Steps to Successful Analog-to-Digital Signal Conversion  (pdf)
Understand how to balance gain blocks and noise, and perform noise calculations for proper signal conditioning
Technical Articles PDF
RF Meets Power Lines: Designing Intelligent Smart Grid Systems that Promote Energy Efficiency
RF DesignLine, March 2010
Technical Articles HTML
Looking ahead: Data converter trends for 2010
Converters are key to mixed-signal products; here's a perspective on where they are headed in terms of performance, power, and functionality.
(Planet Analog, 2/24/2010)
Technical Articles HTML
Data Acquisition Rules of the Road: Selecting High-Speed Differential ADC Drivers
As applications engineers, we are constantly bombarded with a variety of questions about driving high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with differential inputs. Indeed, selecting the right ADC driver and configuration can be challenging.
(ECNmag.com, 9/15/2009)
Technical Articles HTML
Simplifying Design of Industrial Process-Control Systems with PLC Evaluation Boards
PLC evaluation board applications for industrial process-control systems are diverse, ranging from simple traffic control to complex electrical power grids, from environmental control systems to oil-refinery process control.
(Industrial Control DesignLine, 8/24/09 - Part 1 and 9/3/09 - Part 1)
Technical Articles HTML
Simplifying Design of Industrial Process-Control Systems with PLC Evaluation Boards (Part 1 of 2)
PLC evaluation board applications for industrial process-control systems are diverse, ranging from simple traffic control to complex electrical power grids, from environmental control systems to oil-refinery process control.
(Industrial Control DesignLine, 8/24/09)
Technical Articles HTML
Maximizing Eight-Channel Data-Acquisition System Performance Using a Single ADC Driver
This article shows how a single op amp can be used to drive the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) in an 8-channel data-acquisition system, reducing the cost and size of the overall system.
(ECN, July 23, 2009)
Technical Articles HTML
PODCAST: Designing An Energy-Efficient Future
In an interview with Electronic Design Contributing Editor John Edwards, Analog Devices' John Perzow discusses today's low-power design challenges and what the semiconductor industry is doing to help companies introduce more energy efficient products.
(Electronic Design, July 15, 2009)
Technical Articles HTML
Processors for Ultrasound Improve Image Quality
Ultrasound equipment is best known for letting expectant mothers follow development of their babies. But many other ultrasound applications go beyond the classical OBGYN experience.
(Medical Design, March 1, 2009)
Technical Articles HTML
Integrated Analog Front End (AFE) Contains Eight Ultrasound Receive Channels in a Single IC Technical Articles HTML
Low-Power, Low-Voltage IC Choices for ECG System Requirements
(Analog Dialogue, Vol. 29, No. 3, 1995)
Technical Articles HTML
FPGA Mezzanine Card Rapid Prototyping Kit Simplifies JESD204B-Compatible A/D Converter-to-FPGA Connectivity (26 Feb 2013) Press Releases HTML
ADAS1000: 5-Electrode ECG AFE  (pdf, 904 kB) Overview PDF
Industrial Applications Overview HTML
Industrial Automation Solutions  (pdf, 6110 kB) Overview PDF
AD926x Family 16-Bit, 10 MHz Bandwidth, Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta (CTSD) Analog-to-Digital Converters  (pdf, 1406 kB) Overview PDF
Industrial ICs
Industrial ICs Solutions Bulletin, Volume 10, Issue 8
Solutions Bulletins HTML
Data Converter Leadership Customer Case Studies HTML
Ball Aerospace Customer Case Studies HTML
National Instruments Customer Case Studies HTML
National Instruments Customer Case Studies HTML
Mercury Computer Systems Customer Case Studies HTML
IceCube Customer Case Studies HTML
Datang Mobile Customer Case Studies HTML
CERN Customer Case Studies HTML
Bachmann Electronic Customer Case Studies HTML
ADI Data Converter Customer Success Stories Customer Case Studies HTML
Why recommend analog signal processing when digital systems are so cheap and powerful? FAQs/RAQs HTML
I can't believe that you recently advised us to connect the digital ground pin of ADCs to the system analog ground. Was this a mistake? FAQs/RAQs HTML
Why do I have an output when my analog input is grounded? FAQs/RAQs HTML
My SPICE simulation worked perfectly, but now I've a large production batch which doesn't meet its specification? FAQs/RAQs HTML
My clock is accurate to 1 ppm – what could possibly need improvement? FAQs/RAQs HTML
The bias current in modern amplifiers is very small. Do I need to bother about it? FAQs/RAQs HTML
How do I make sense out of a data sheet? FAQs/RAQs HTML
There is a fault in my CMOS multiplexer...? FAQs/RAQs HTML
To save power, my ADC is powered up only to make a measurement. The system is very accurate in continuous operation, but completely unpredictable when power is strobed. FAQs/RAQs HTML
What are some important PCB layout rules when using a high-speed converter? FAQs/RAQs HTML
Why is analog input phase balance so important to my high-speed converter design? FAQs/RAQs HTML
What are some important PCB layout rules when using a high-speed converter? FAQs/RAQs HTML
What are some important PCB layout rules when using a high-speed converter? FAQs/RAQs HTML
What are some important PCB layout rules when using a high-speed converter? FAQs/RAQs HTML
Can I exceed the parameters specified in the absolute maximum ratings table? FAQs/RAQs HTML
What is latch-up and how can I prevent it? FAQs/RAQs HTML
AD6672 IBIS Model IBIS Models HTML
AD9634 IBIS Model IBIS Models HTML
AD9642 IBIS Model IBIS Models HTML
AD9608 IBIS Model IBIS Models HTML
AD9648 IBIS Model IBIS Models HTML
AD9628 IBIS Model IBIS Models HTML
AD6649 IBIS Model IBIS Models HTML
AD6643 IBIS Model IBIS Models HTML
AD9643 IBIS Model IBIS Models HTML
AD9467 IBIS Models IBIS Models HTML
AD9255 IBIS Models IBIS Models HTML
AD9265 IBIS Models IBIS Models HTML
AD9629 IBIS Models IBIS Models HTML
AD9649 IBIS Models IBIS Models HTML
AD9231 IBIS Models IBIS Models HTML
AD9276 IBIS Models IBIS Models HTML
AD9277 IBIS Models IBIS Models HTML
AD9273 IBIS Models IBIS Models HTML
AD9272 IBIS Models IBIS Models HTML
AD9627 IBIS Models IBIS Models HTML
AD9627-11 IBIS Models IBIS Models HTML
AD9600 IBIS Models IBIS Models HTML
AD9287 IBIS Models IBIS Models HTML
FPGA Reference Designs (Wiki site) FPGA HDL HTML
UG-294: Evaluating the AD9644/AD9641 Analog-to-Digital Converters  (pdf, 4934 kB) Documentation PDF
UG-290: Evaluating the AD9434 and AD9484 Analog-to-Digital Converters  (pdf, 1766 kB) Documentation PDF
AD9266/AD9649/AD9629/AD9609 Schematics  (pdf, 190 kB) Documentation PDF
AD9266/AD9649/AD9629/AD9609 Gerber Files  (zip, 515 kB) Documentation ZIP
AD9642/AD9634/AD6672 Evaluation Board Schematic  (pdf, 89 kB) Documentation PDF
AD9643 Quick Start Guide  (pdf, 733 kB) Documentation PDF
AD9613 Quick Start Guide  (pdf, 685 kB) Documentation PDF
AD6649 Quick Start Guide  (pdf, 522 kB) Documentation PDF
AD6643 Quick Start Guide  (pdf, 685 kB) Documentation PDF
AD9613 LFCSP Analog Input S-Parameter  (xls, 557 kB) Documentation XLS
AD6649 LFCSP Analog Input S-Parameter  (xls, 575 kB) Documentation XLS
AD6643 LFCSP Analog Input S-Parameter  (xls, 575 kB) Documentation XLS
AD6643/AD6649/AD9613/AD9643 Schematics  (pdf, 99 kB) Documentation PDF
AD6643/AD6649/AD9613/AD9643 Gerber Files  (zip, 480 kB) Documentation ZIP
AD9273 Evaluation Board Gerber Files - BGA  (zip, 958 kB) Documentation ZIP
AD9276/AD9277 Evaluation Board Gerber Files  (zip, 1123 kB) Documentation ZIP
AD9272/AD9273 Evaluation Board Gerber Files - TQFP  (zip, 2202 kB) Documentation ZIP
AD7294 12-Bit, Multichannel, ADC, DACs, Temperature Sensors, and Current Sensors Evaluation Board (EVAL-AD7294)  (pdf, 1571 kB) Documentation PDF
AD9258/AD9268 S-Parameter Data (Rev C)  (xls, 1342 kB) Documentation XLS
AD9204/AD9231/AD9251 S-Parameter Data  (xls, 241 kB) Documentation XLS
AD9204/AD9231/AD9251/AD9258/AD9268/9650 Gerber Files  (zip, 1082 kB) Documentation ZIP
AD9204/AD9231/AD9251/AD9258/AD9268/AD9650 Schematics  (pdf, 1032 kB) Documentation PDF
AD7747 Evaluation Board for 24-Bit Capacitance-to-Digital Converter with Temperature Sensor  (pdf, 663 kB) Documentation PDF
AD7321/AD7322 Evaluation Board  (pdf, 472 kB) Documentation PDF
High Speed ADC Evaluation Boards Documentation HTML
EVAL-AD7997/AD7998: Evaluation Board for 8-Channel, 10-/12-Bit ADC with I2C Compatible Interface Data Sheet  (pdf, 599 kB) Documentation PDF
EVAL-AD7992: Evaluation Board for 2-Channel, 12-Bit ADC with I2C-Compatible Interface Data Sheet  (pdf, 459 kB) Documentation PDF
AD7329 Evaluation Board Documentation  (pdf, 538 kB) Documentation PDF
EVAL-AD7993EBZ/AD7994EBZ: Evaluation Board for the 4-Channel, 10-/12-Bit ADC with I2C-Compatible Interface  (pdf, 514 kB) Documentation PDF
System Demonstration Platform : SDP Evaluation Boards/Tools HTML
Glossary of EE Terms Glossary HTML
EVAL-ADE5169 Evaluation Software  (zip, 16023 kB) Software and Tools ZIP
EVAL-ADE7169 Evaluation Software  (zip, 15399 kB) Software and Tools ZIP
AD7781 Evaluation Software Labview Source Code  (zip, 1419 kB) Software and Tools ZIP
AD7997/AD7998 Evaluation Software  (zip, 156237 kB) Software and Tools ZIP
AD7993/AD7994 Evaluation Software  (zip, 156224 kB) Software and Tools ZIP
AD7992 Evaluation Software  (zip, 340624 kB) Software and Tools ZIP
AD9239 Evaluation Software Software and Tools HTML
AD7324 Evaluation Software  (zip, 15528 kB) Software and Tools ZIP
AD7323 Evaluation Software  (zip, 15781 kB) Software and Tools ZIP
AD7328 Evaluation Software  (zip, 332748 kB) Software and Tools ZIP
AD7327/AD7328 Evaluation Software  (zip, 332748 kB) Software and Tools ZIP
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