Analog-to-Digital Converter and Driver ICs Solutions Bulletin, Volume 11, Issue 1

Analog-to-Digital Converter and Driver ICs Solutions Bulletin, Volume 11, Issue 1

Thank you for reading the Analog-to-Digital Converter and Driver ICs Solutions Bulletin. Below, you will find online resources supporting all stages of the signal chain design process.

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Component Evaluation
and Selection

To download data sheets and order samples and evaluation boards for devices featured in this Solutions Bulletin, click on the links below to go directly to the product page.

AD9467: Industry's fastest 16-bit ADC @ 250 MSPS ADC

AD7171: 16-bit, low-power sigma-delta ADC

ADA4940: Low-power ADC driver with 2 MHz bandwidth

AD9644: 14-bit/80 MSPS dual ADC w/serdes output

AD8475: Differential amplifier for SAR ADCs

AD7606: 8-Channel DAS with 16-Bit, Bipolar, Simultaneous Sampling ADC

ADL5201: Digital IF Variable Gain Amplifiers

AD9650: 16-bit/105 dual ADC with excellent noise performance

AD7298: Smallest 8-channel SAR ADC with integrated temp sensor

AD7195: 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC with low temperature drift coefficient

AD9286: 8-bit/500 MSPS pipelined ADC dissipates low power

AD9523: ADC clock delivers <200 ps jitter

AD7991/5/8/9: 2/4/8-channel family of SAR ADCs provide I2C-compatible output

AD7626: PulSAR 10 MSPS ADC with industry's best ENOB performance

Defining Your Signal
Chain Architecture

Analog Devices' Solutions Bulletin Series
This library contains archived bulletins addressing solutions for design challenges presented by signal chains in many common systems.

Analog Dialogue
ADI's venerable technical journal seriesprovides iin depth articles on all aspects of analog, digital,and mixed-signal technology and system solutions.

Training, Tutorials, and Seminars
Here's a collection of webcasts, books, and articles on a range of data converter subjects, drawing upon ADI's extensive system and component expertise.

Circuit design and component application support

Circuits from the Lab
ADI engineers have documented popular circuit combinations they have built and test in the lab. Benefit from their work to shorten your design time.

CN0105: Single-Ended-to-Differential High Speed Drive Circuit for 16-Bit, 10 MSPS AD7626 ADC
CN0102/CNO118/CN0119/CN0155: Precision Weigh Scale Designs Using 24-Bit Sigma Delta ADCs
CN0044: Using the AD8599 Op Amp as an Ultralow Distortion Driver for the AD7995
CN0148: Layout Considerations for an Expandable Multichannel Simultaneous Sampling Data Acquisition System (DAS)

Design and Simulation Tools Library
Online design and simulation tools grouped by the technology that they support.

Rarely Asked Questions (RAQ)
Here are ideas and tips from the ADI experts on troubleshooting to help solve real-world design problems.

Technical Documentation
Search ADI's library of application notes, whitepapers, technical articles, books, seminars, tutorials, manuals, and user's guides.

A library of short-length videos addressing subjects in product overviews and applications.

A library of 1-hour technical webinars, and short-length videos, addressing subjects in component applications and system design.

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