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ADE7932:  2-Channel, Isolated, Sigma Delta ADC

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The ADE7978 and ADE7933/ADE7932 form a chipset dedicated to measuring 3-phase electrical energy measurement using shunts as current sensors.

The ADE7933/ADE7932 are isolated, 3-channel sigma-delta analog-to-digital converters (Σ-Δ ADCs) for polyphase energy metering applications that use shunt current sensors. The ADE7932 features two 24-bit ADCs, and the ADE7933 features three 24-bit ADCs. One channel is dedicated to measuring the voltage across the shunt when a shunt is used for current sensing. This channel provides a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 67 dB over a 3.3 kHz signal bandwidth. Up to two additional channels are dedicated to measuring voltages, which are usually sensed using resistor dividers. These channels provide an SNR of 75 dB over a 3.3 kHz signal bandwidth. One voltage channel can be used to measure the temperature of the die via an internal sensor. The ADE7933 includes three channels: one current channel and two voltage channels. The ADE7932 includes one current channel and one voltage channel, but is otherwise identical to the ADE7933.

The ADE7933/ADE7932 include isoPower®, an integrated, isolated dc-to-dc converter. Based on the Analog Devices, Inc., iCoupler® technology, the dc-to-dc converter provides the regu-lated power required by the first stage of the ADCs at a 3.3 V input supply. The ADE7933/ADE7932 eliminate the need for an external dc-to-dc isolation block. The iCoupler chip scale trans-former technology is used to isolate the logic signals between the first and second stages of the ADC. The result is a small form factor, total isolation solution.

The ADE7933/ADE7932 contain a digital interface that is specially designed to interface with the ADE7978. Using this interface, the ADE7978 accesses the ADC outputs and configuration settings of the ADE7933/ADE7932.

The ADE7933/ADE7932 contains a digital interface, specially designed to provide the ADE7978 access to its ADC outputs and other configuration settings.

The ADE7933/ADE7932 are available in a 20-lead, Pb-free, wide-body SOIC package with increased creepage.

The ADE7978 is a high accuracy, 3-phase electrical energy measurement IC with serial interfaces and three flexible pulse outputs. The ADE7978 can interface with up to four ADE7933/ ADE7932 devices. The ADE7978 incorporates all the signal processing required to perform total (fundamental and harmonic) active, reactive, and apparent energy measurement and rms calculations, as well as fundamental-only active and reactive energy measurement and rms calculations. A fixed function digital signal processor (DSP) executes this signal processing.

The ADE7978 measures the active, reactive, and apparent energy in various 3-phase configurations, such as wye or delta services, with both three and four wires. The ADE7978 provides system calibration features for each phase, gain calibration, and optional offset correction. Phase compensation is also available, but it is not necessary because the currents are sensed using shunts. The CF1, CF2, and CF3 logic outputs provide a wide selection of power information: total active, reactive, and apparent powers; the sum of the current rms values; and fundamental active and reactive powers.


  • Shunt-based polyphase meters
  • Power quality monitoring
  • Solar inverters
  • Process monitoring
  • Protective devices
  • Isolated sensor interfaces
  • Industrial PLCs


  • Enables shunt current sensors in polyphase energy meters
  • Immune to magnetic tampering
  • Highly accurate; supports EN 50470-1, EN 50470-3, IEC 62053-21, IEC 62053-22, IEC 62053-23, ANSI C12.20, and IEEE 1459 standards
  • Compatible with 3-phase, 3- or 4-wire (delta or wye) meters and other 3-phase services
  • Computes active, reactive, and apparent energy on each phase and on the overall system
  • Less than 0.2% error in active and reactive energy over a dynamic range of 2000 to 1 at TA = 25°C
  • See data sheet for additional features

Functional Block Diagram for ADE7932


Samples are available, please contact your local sales person or distributor to request samples of this pre-released material.
Part number to request would be ADE7933XRIZ, ADE7932XRIZ, and ADE7978XCPZ.

Evaluation Board Information

The ordering part number for the evaluation board is: EVAL-ADE7978EBZ.
You also will need to order an EVAL-SDP-CB1Z to communicate with your PC.

NOTE: This board is populated with the ADE7933 chip. You can use only two of the voltage channels or order an ADE7932 sample and replace the corresponding ADE7933 chip on the board .

Video: ADE7913: Magnetic Immunity for Polyphase Energy Meter Applications

Calibrating the Isolated Metering Chipset: ADE7933 & ADE7978

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ADE7978, ADE7933 and ADE7932 Calibration Calculation  (xlsx, 63 kB) Design Assistants XLSX

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EVAL-ADE7978EBZ Status: Production Evaluation Board $350.00 Yes -
EVAL-SDP-CB1Z Status: Production Evaluation System Controller Board $99.00 Yes -

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