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Selection table for Analog to Digital Converters


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General-Purpose Measurement ADCs, 8-to-13-Bits, 1-10 MSPS Throughput Rate
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Results: 58
Product DescriptionResolutionThroughput RateNumber of ChannelsFPBW (typ)Supply VPower Dissipation (typ)Operating Temp RangePrice* (1000 pcs.)
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AD74781 MSPS, Serial-Output 8-Bit ADC in 6-Lead SOT-2381MSPS16.5MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)17.5mW-55 to +125 $0.96
AD7821High Speed, µP-Compatible, CMOS, 8-Bit Sampling ADC81MSPS1100kHzDual(+5, -5); Single(+5)100.5mW-55 to +125 $9.16
AD79044-Channel, 1 MSPS, Serial-Out, 8-Bit ADC w/ Sequencer in 16-Lead TSSOP81MSPS48.2MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)13.5mW-40 to +85 $1.57
AD79088-Channel, 1 MSPS, 8-Bit, Serial-Out ADC with Sequencer in 20-Lead TSSOP81MSPS88.2MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)13.5mW-40 to +85 $1.87
AD7478A2.35 V to 5.25 V, 1 MSPS, 8-Bit ADC in 6-Lead SC7081.2MSPS113.5MHzSingle(+2.5); Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)17.5mW-40 to +85 $0.96
AD73395 V, Complete 8-Bit I/O Port w/ 2 MSPS ADC, two Serial-Input & two Parallel-Input DACs82MSPS11.024MHzSingle(+5)225mW-40 to +85 $7.94
AD7829-13 V/5 V, 2 MSPS, 8-Bit, 8-Channel ADC82MSPS810MHzSingle(+2.7 to +5.5); Single(+2.7); Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)36mW-40 to +85 $3.74
AD78223/5V, 2 MSPS, 8-Bit Sampling ADC82MSPS110MHzSingle(+3); Single(+5)60mW-40 to +85 $3.45
AD78253/5V, 2 MSPS, 4-Channel, 8-Bit Sampling ADC82MSPS4-Single(+3); Single(+5)36mW-40 to +85 $3.61
AD72788-Bit, 3 MSPS, Serial Out ADC Uses Vdd as Reference 83MSPS174MHzSingle(+2.5); Single(+3); Single(+3.3)19.8mW-40 to +85 $1.65
AD7298-18-Channel, 1 MSPS, 10-Bit SAR ADC101MSPS830MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3)23mW-40 to +125 $2.55
AD7440Differential Input, 1MSPS, 10-Bit ADC in 8-lead SOT-23101MSPS120MHzSingle(+3); Single(+5)9mW-40 to +85 $2.53
AD7441Pseudo-Differential, 1MSPS, 10-Bit ADC in 8-Lead SOT-23101MSPS120MHzSingle(+3); Single(+5)9.3mW-40 to +85 $2.53
AD74771 MSPS, Serial-Output 10-Bit ADC in 6-Lead SOT-23 101MSPS16.5MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)17.5mW-55 to +125 $2.52
AD7477A2.35 V to 5.25 V, 1 MSPS, 10-Bit ADC in 6-Lead SC70101MSPS16.5MHzSingle(+2.5); Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)17.5mW-40 to +85 $2.53
AD79122-Channel, 2.35 V to 5.25 V, 1MSPS, Serial-Output, 10-Bit ADC101MSPS213.5MHzSingle(+2.5); Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)15mW-40 to +85 $2.78
AD79144-Channel, 1 MSPS, Serial-Output, 10-Bit ADC w/ Sequencer in 16-Lead TSSOP101MSPS48.2MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)13.5mW-40 to +85 $3.04
AD79188-Channel, 1 MSPS, Serial-Output, 10-Bit ADCs w/Sequencer in 20-Lead TSSOP101MSPS88.2MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)13.5mW-40 to +85 $3.29
AD79334-Channel, 1.5 MSPS, 10-Bit Parallel ADC w/ Sequencer101.5MSPS420MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)16mW-40 to +85 $3.54
AD79398-Channel, 1.5 MSPS, 10-Bit Parallel ADC w/ Sequencer101.5MSPS820MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)16mW-40 to +85 $3.80
AD74701.75MSPS, Low Power, 10-Bit ADC101.75MSPS120MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)12mW-40 to +85 $3.19
AD727310-Bit, 3 MSPS, Ext Ref, Serial Out ADC in TSOT and MSOP Packages103MSPS1-Single(+2.5); Single(+3); Single(+3.3)--40 to +85 $3.80
AD727710-Bit, 3 MSPS, Serial Out ADC Uses Vdd as Reference 103MSPS174MHzSingle(+2.5); Single(+3); Single(+3.3)19.8mW-40 to +125 $1.75
AD729812-Bit , 1 MSPS, 8-External/1-Internal Channel Successive Approx (SAR) ADC with Internal Temp Sensor121MSPS930MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3)22.7mW-40 to +125 $3.90
AD559012-Bit, 16 Input/16 Output Analog I/O Port w/ Integrated Amplifiers121MSPS168.2MHzSingle(+5)25mW-40 to +85 $19.50
AD72621 MSPS, 12-Bit, Simultaneous Sampling , Dual SAR ADC w/ PGA & 4 Comparators121MSPS21.7MHz(+5An, +5Dig, +3.0Drv); (+5An, +5Dig, +3.3Drv); (+5An, +5Dig, +5Drv); Single(+5)120mW-40 to +105 $4.10
AD72651 MSPS, Dual Simultaneous Sampling, 12-Bit, 3-Ch Diff/12-Ch Single Ended SAR ADC121MSPS1233MHzSingle(+2.7 to +5.25) 21mW-40 to +125 $3.86
AD7366True Bipolar Input, 1MSPS, Dual Simultaneous Sampling 12-Bit SAR ADC w/ 2-Ch per ADC121MSPS435MHzMulti(±12, +5); Multi(±15, +5)88.8mW-40 to +85 $5.02
AD74921 MSPS, Low Power, Internal Ref & Clk, 12-Bit Parallel ADC121MSPS110MHzSingle(+5)15mW-40 to +85 $6.97
AD7450Differential Input, 1 MSPS, 12-Bit ADC in µSOIC-8 and SO-8 Pkg121MSPS120MHzSingle(+3); Single(+5)9mW-40 to +85 $4.05
AD7450ADifferential Input, 1MSPS, 12-Bit ADC in 8-lead SOT-23121MSPS120MHzSingle(+3); Single(+5)9mW-40 to +85 $4.40
AD7451Pseudo-Differential, 1MSPS, 12-Bit ADC in 8-Lead SOT-23121MSPS120MHzMulti(+3, +5)9.25mW-40 to +85 $4.30
AD74751MSPS, 12-Bit ADC (Ext Reference) in MSOP-8 or SOIC-8121MSPS18.3MHzSingle(+2.7 to +5.25) ; Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)10.5mW-40 to +85 $4.30
AD74761 MSPS, Serial-Output 12-Bit ADC in 6-Lead SOT-23121MSPS16.5MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)17.5mW-55 to +125 $4.05
AD7476A2.35 V to 5.25 V, 1 MSPS, 12-Bit ADC in 6-Lead SC70121MSPS113.5MHzSingle(+2.5); Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)17.5mW-55 to +125 $4.05
AD749016-Channel, 1MSPS, 12-Bit ADC with Sequencer in 28-Lead TSSOP121MSPS161MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)12.5mW-40 to +85 $6.02
AD74951MSPS, 12-Bit ADC w/ Internal Reference in MSOP-8 or SOIC-8121MSPS18.3MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)13mW-40 to +85 $5.25
AD7866Dual, 1 MSPS, Serial Output, 12-Bit Simultaneous Sampling ADCs w/ 2 Input-Channels per ADC121MSPS412MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)24mW-40 to +85 $6.02
AD79222-Channel, 2.35 V to 5.25 V, 1MSPS, Serial-Output, 12-Bit ADC121MSPS213.5MHzSingle(+2.5); Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)15mW-40 to +85 $4.30
AD79244-Channel, 1 MSPS, Serial-Output, 12-Bit ADC w/ Sequencer in 16-Lead TSSOP121MSPS48.2MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)13.5mW-40 to +85 $4.55
AD79288-Channel, 1 MSPS, Serial-Output, 12-Bit ADC w/ Sequencer in 20-Lead TSSOP121MSPS88.2MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)13.5mW-40 to +85 $4.81
AD7492-51.25 MSPS, Low Power, Internal Ref & Clk, 12-Bit Parallel ADC121.25MSPS110MHzSingle(+5)16.5mW-40 to +85 $6.97
AD747212-Bit, 2.7 V to 5.25 V, 1.5 MSPS Low Power ADC121.5MSPS120MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)12mW-40 to +85 $6.33
AD79388-Channel, 1.5 MSPS, 12- & 10-Bit Parallel ADCs w/ Sequencer121.5MSPS820MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)16mW-40 to +85 $7.44
AD9221Complete 12-Bit,1.5 MSPS A/D Converter 121.5MSPS125MHzSingle(+5)70mW-40 to +85 $7.74
AD79344-Channel, 1.5 MSPS, 12-Bit Parallel ADC w/ Sequencer121.5MSPS420MHzSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5)16mW-40 to +85 $7.19
AD7266Dual Simultaneous Sampling, 2 MSPS, 12-Bit, 3-Ch Diff/12-Ch Single-Ended ADC122MSPS1233MHzSingle(+2.7 to +5.25) 33.6mW-40 to +125 $4.31
AD727412-Bit, 3 MSPS, Ext Ref, Serial Out ADC in TSOT and MSOP Packages 123MSPS1-Single(+2.5); Single(+3); Single(+3.3)--40 to +85 $3.50
AD727612-Bit, 3 MSPS, Serial Out ADC Uses Vdd as Reference 123MSPS155MHzSingle(+2.5); Single(+3); Single(+3.3)19.8mW-40 to +125 $1.85
AD7352Differential Input, Dual, Simultaneous Sampling, 3 MSPS, 12-Bit, SAR ADC123MSPS2110MHzMulti(+2.5, +3); Multi(+2.5, +3.3); Single(+2.5)45mW-40 to +125 $5.50
AD74823 MSPS, 12-Bit ADC123MSPS140MHzSingle(+5)90mW-40 to +85 $8.44
AD9223Complete 12-Bit, 3 MSPS A/D Converter123MSPS140MHzSingle(+5)130mW-40 to +85 $7.74
AD7356Differential Input, Dual, Simultaneous Sampling, 5 MSPS, 12-Bit, SAR ADC125MSPS2110MHzMulti(+2.5, +3); Multi(+2.5, +3.3); Single(+2.5)59mW-40 to +125 $7.89
AD9220Complete 12-Bit,10 MSPS A/D Converter1210MSPS160MHzSingle(+5)310mW-40 to +85 $6.12
AD7322Software Selectable, True Bipolar Input, 2-Channel, 1 MSPS, 12-Bit + Sign ADC131MSPS222MHzMulti(±12, +5); Multi(±15, +5)30mW-40 to +85 $4.81
AD7324Software Selectable, True Bipolar Input, 4-Channel, 1 MSPS, 12-Bit + Sign ADC131MSPS422MHzMulti(±12, +5); Multi(±15, +5)30mW-40 to +85 $5.82
AD7328Software Selectable, True Bipolar Input, 8-Channel, 12-Bit + Sign ADC131MSPS822MHzMulti(±12, +5); Multi(±15, +3) ; Multi(±15, +3.3); Multi(±15, +5)29mW-40 to +85 $6.33
AD73291 MSPS , 8-Channel, True Bipolar Input, 12-Bit Plus Sign ADC w/ Software Selectable Input Range131MSPS820MHz Multi(±12, +3) ; Multi(±12, +3.3) ; Multi(±12, +5); Multi(±15, +3) ; Multi(±15, +3.3); Multi(±15, +5)30mW-40 to +85 $6.33
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