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Selection table for Analog to Digital Converters


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High-Precision Measurement ADCs, 18-to-24-Bits, 450 kSPS-1 MSPS Throughput Rate
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Results: 8
Product DescriptionResolutionThroughput RateNumber of ChannelsFPBW (typ)Supply VPower Dissipation (typ)Operating Temp RangePrice* (1000 pcs.)
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Filter By Value
AD7989-5-18500kSPS110MHz-2.5mW-40 to +85 $11.95
AD767918-Bit, 2.5 LSB INL, 570 kSPS ADC18570kSPS126MHzSingle(+5)103mW-40 to +85 $19.50
AD763418-Bit, Ser/Par, 670 kSPS, Unipolar/rBipolar PulSAR® ADC w/ Pin-or-Data-Programmable Diff Inputs18670kSPS145MHzMulti(±15, +5)225mW-40 to +85 $31.83
AD767418-Bit, 2.5 LSB INL, 800 kSPS, ADC18800kSPS126MHzSingle(+5)138mW-40 to +85 $28.29
AD798218-Bit, 1 MSPS PulSAR® 7.0 mW ADC in MSOP/QFN181MSPS110MHzMulti(+2.5, +5); Single(+2.5)8.6mW-40 to +85 $23.28
AD987424-Bit Bandpass Sigma-Delta ADC IF Digitizing Subsystem24541.5kSPS1-Single(+3); Single(+3.3)79.5mW-40 to +85 $15.14
AD7762Parallel Interface, 625 kSPS, 24-Bit Sigma-Delta A/D Converter w/ Programmable Lo-Pass FIR Filter24625kSPS1250kHzMulti(+2.5, +5, +3.3to+5)958mW-40 to +85 $15.10
AD776324-Bit, 625 kSPS, 109 dB Sigma-Delta ADC with On-Chip Buffers, Serial Interface24625kSPS1-Multi(+2.5, +5, +3.3to+5)956mW-40 to +85 $15.10
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