When high performance and low power make the design, ADI converters make the difference.

Designers of high channel count, high precision data acquisition systems inevitably face the challenges of minimizing power consumption and shrinking design footprint. Achieving maximum system throughput under these circumstances required either multiplexed high speed, resolution ADCs, which generate more heat, or multiple low speed, resolution ADCs, which take up extra board space. With power dissipation levels nearly 15X lower than the competition and a smaller footprint, the AD7986 eliminates the need for such tradeoffs. Now high channel density and high resolution can be achieved without incurring a heat or size penalty, allowing you to get more out of your design.

Part# Speed Resolution Features
AD7986 2 MSPS 18-bits 97 dB SNR, 15 mW
AD7985 2.5 MSPS 16-bits 90 dB SNR, 15.5 mW
AD7944 2.5 MSPS 14-bits 84.5 dB SNR, 15.5 mW

PulSAR ADC Portfolio and Complementary Products

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