QUALITY ASSURANCE Information on Quality Systems, Programs, Management and Reliability/Failure Analysis

General Quality Systems

The ADI Greensboro site has been ISO-9001 certified since 1996. The Greensboro facility is listed as a Qualified Manufacturer for both MIL-PRF-38534 & MIL-PRF-38535. To search for MIL-PRF-38534 Standard Military Drawings (SMD's), see www.dscc.dla.mil/Programs/MilSpec/DocSearch.asp?DocType=SMD. For viewing or downloading of our current Qualified Manufacturer's Listing for MCM products, see http://www.dscc.dla.mil/programs/qmlqpl/QPLdetail.asp?QPL=38534, access the "LATEST REVISION" and scroll to Analog Devices Incororated (CAGE code 34031). Our quality system also includes a documented and released Technical Review Board (TRB) system, an internal group of technical representatives empowered by DSCC to review information and make direct decisions regarding our products. The TRB is used proactively to review & approve qualification plans for new products or materials, review qualification results, and recommend/approve Alternate Methods (the modification, substitution, or elimination of standard test & inspection requirements). Our TRB system, and the accompanying increased autonomy, makes us unique in our ability to provide optimized qualifications, shortened implementation time for major changes, and the ability to quickly define new requirements for emerging technologies.

Quality Systems Programs

Internal Audit / Corrective Action - ADI Greensboro maintains an active internal audit program. Audit teams (lead & internal auditors) are used to review compliance in all areas of our factory on a periodic basis. The internal audit schedule is generated yearly by Quality Engineering. Audit results are summarized and reported quarterly to our internal management review. A centralized corrective action system is in place, and an on-line system is used to request, record, verify, and accept all corrective actions.

Total Quality Management (TQM) - TQM is used at the ADI Greensboro site to support goals from our business plan. Team projects are identified, assigned resources, and tracked by an internal TQM Steering Committee. ADI maintains and uses standardized TQM tools for problem solving, action planning, SPC, Voice of the Customer, and others.

Reliability/Failure Analysis

Reliability considerations are based on customer-specific performance requirements and potential Failure Mode Effects Analysis for quality & reliability needs. The ADI Greensboro site maintains complete Failure Analysis capability for root cause analysis. Customer returns and all requests for failure analysis are tracked and coordinated with the Product Assurance department. External (received from customers) and internal failures are analyzed and submitted for appropriate corrective action. The ADI Greensboro site maintains an average 20-day cycle time for all failure analyses. Periodic reliability monitors such as Early Life Failure Rate, etc. are in place for various product/process families. A Quality or Reliability Engineer is assigned to all new product development teams. Quality & Reliability Engineering representatives develop & execute qualification plans through TRB approval.

Typical Qualification Test List

Accelerated Life Test

Temperature Humidity Bias / HAST


High Temperature Storage

Thermal Shock

Temperature Cycle

Electrostatic Discharge (HBM, CDM, MM)


Moisture Sensitivity

Quality Flow

Product/Process Reliability Flow
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Generic Quality Flow Plan
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