Together with Altera, a leading provider of programmable platforms, Analog Devices develops industry-leading analog solutions to complement FPGA systems. Easy interface and connectivity of ADI components to Altera FPGAs is enabled through the use of the BeMicro SDK/SDP interposer. For additional seamless integration with Altera ecosystems and tools, ADI offers HDL interface code, device drivers, and reference designs.

BeMicro MAX 10 Board
BeMicro MAX 10

BeMicro MAX 10 adopts non-volatile MAX 10 FPGA built on 55-nm flash process. The kit retains the 80-pin edge connector interface used on previous BeMicro kits. Users can migrate their designs from BeMicro SDK or BeMicro CV easily and take advantages of the new features offered in the MAX 10 device, such as an ADC block, temperature sense diode and flash memory.

BeMicro MAX 10 includes a variety of peripherals such as 8MB SDRAM, accelerometer (ADXL362), digital-to-analog converter (DAC) (AD5681R), temperature sensor (ADT7420), thermal resistor, photo resistor, LEDs, pushbuttons and several different options for expansion connectivity.

BeMicro SDK/SDP Interposer
BeMicroDSK/SDP Interposer

The System Demonstration Platform (SDP) Interposer connects various Analog Devices evaluation boards to Altera FPGAs found on the BeMicro SDK forming a hardware and software evaluation system. It's designed for use with ADI product evaluation boards and Circuits from the Lab™ reference circuit evaluation boards that have the SDP connector.

Converter Evaluation & Development (CED) Board
ADC Evaluation Board

The CED1Z board is part of Analog Devices Inc. converter evaluation solution. It is intended for use in evaluation, demonstration and development of systems using a variety of Analog Devices precision converters. It provides the necessary communications between the converter and the PC, programming or controlling the device, transmitting or receiving data over a USB link. It includes a user reprogrammable Altera Cyclone FPGA.

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